As residents are aware when signing up for a property within a high or low rise, dogs are not permitted to visit or live within these property types. This is due to dog welfare and the lack of space to exercise the dog properly. Noise from barking and howling causes disturbance to other residents and communal areas and flats themselves become unhygienic due to fouling and damage is also caused to properties and communal areas by scratching/biting. One resident in particular, who resided in Hanover Towers, was warned on numerous occasions, that dogs were not permitted within the block, however, the warnings were ignored, and they continued to keep a dog in the flat.SHG continued to get reports from other neighboring residents that the dog was causing a significant nuisance and so the Safer Neighbourhoods Officer issued a Community Protection Notice (CPN) which required the tenant to rehome the dog.

A CPN is a legal tool that can tackle nuisance behavior that is persistent and ongoing, having a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality, and is unreasonable. Breaching a CPN is a criminal offense. Despite the seriousness of being issued with a CPN, the resident continued to ignore the action being taken and continued to cause significant disturbance to tenants in neighboring properties by allowing the dog continued to bark relentlessly. The tenant was causing a strong foul-smelling odour on the landing as they were also not maintaining acceptable standards of cleanliness within their property to which the dog was a contributing factor. As the CPN was ignored,  SHG moved to prosecute the tenant and on 4th May 2023, the matter was heard in Magistrates Court. The Magistrates were appalled with how long the nuisance had been occurring and found the tenant guilty of breaching the CPN. The tenant was fined £1000 and also ordered to pay SHGs full costs of £347.50 and a £100 compensation to the victims who were affected.

If the resident fails to make full payment within 28 days, bailiffs will attend and seize goods to the required value. Not complying with the order made by the Magistrate is contempt of Court and the tenant could also be sent to prison All SHG staff are vigilant in reporting when they see dogs in blocks and reports from residents are also acted upon. CCTV in blocks also provides SHG with evidence to take this action when dogs are spotted in blocks. Therefore, if you have a dog and you live in a block where they are not permitted, please rehome your dog or you could be at risk of the same action resulting in a fine, imprisonment and ultimately losing your home. If you need support and advice on how to get your dog rehomed, then please contact your Neighbourhoods Housing Officer who can sign-post you to services that can help.