Below you will find information on specific responsibilities and services areas to call regarding any queries or concerns. 

Greenspace Team responsibilities

The Greenspace team deliver the following services:  

  • Grounds Maintenance Service provided by Glendale. 
  • Tree Management and Maintenance. 
  • Playground Maintenance. 
  • Ecology Services. 
  • Garden maintenance works. 
  • Assisted Gardening Scheme. 
  • Services to Schools. 
  • Gardening Competition & Gardening Advice.
Grounds Maintenance

Glendale Local has been working in partnership with Stockport Homes, providing a range of grounds maintenance services since 2007. Take a look at their website to find out when they will next be visiting your area, as well as the annual works programme. 

Service Standards

Details of the entire service provided is below. Please note the service varies from area to area. Contact our one number team for further information on what is maintained where you live. 

  • Cut & Drop or Cut & Collection of grassed areas, litter picking and clearance of grass from pathways. 
  • Weeds, Litter, Detritus & Moss clearance from hard surfaces. 
  • Removal of weeds & litter from rose beds. 
  • Removal of weeds & litter from shrub beds. 
  • Removal of weeds & litter from flower beds. 
  • Shrub Pruning during Summer & Winter. 
  • Hedge trimming during Summer & Winter. 
  • Seasonal Bedding plants supplied during Summer & Winter. 
  • Leaf removal during Autumn & Winter. 

The maintenance visits are in general every fortnight. (Weather may restrict the service).


Stockport Homes has a Tree Policy (see the Policies page for details) for the management and maintenance of all trees on land we manage. If you have an issue regarding a tree, then please call our one number team on 0161 217 6016. (Please note that no work will be undertaken without a recommendation from a Stockport Council Tree Officer).


The play areas that Stockport Homes manage are Bradshaw Hall, Bridgehall Green, Catterwood Drive, Ince Close, Lancashire Hill, Marbury Road, Moat Walk, Sleddale Close, Stansbury Place, Mottram Street, Fire Tree, Strawberry Avenue, Simpson Street and Gatsby Crescent. All Playgrounds are regularly inspected and maintained by SMBC. 

If you have an issue regarding these play areas, please call our one number team on 0161 217 6016. 


Where necessary Stockport Homes will provide advice in relation to invasive weeds Badgers & Bat activity if they are affecting Stockport Homes land or properties. To report an issue please call our one number team on 0161 217 6016.

Garden maintenance works

If you require assistance with your garden, please call our one number team on 0161 217 6016. 

Assisted Gardening Scheme

If you require assistance with your garden, you may be eligible for our assisted gardening scheme, please call 0161 217 6016 for your local Neighbourhood Housing Officer. 

If you have a request for a greenspace issue that needs to be addressed please fill out the following form and we will look into this for you. 

Greenspace request form

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