At Stockport Homes, we believe it is important to be open and transparent with our customers, and we fully adhere to our Together with Tenants commitments. 

As part of this commitment to communicate with customers, we have set out our performance on complaints handling from the first 6 months of 2021/22 (April to September) and will continue to publish this information on a quarterly basis.   
For more detail you can also read our Customer Feedback reports. 


Number of complaints received

We closed 118 new formal complaints during the first 6 months of the year, with three complaints being heard at stage 2 of our complaints process. 

7 Days

Time taken to resolve complaints

Stage 1 cases were resolved in an average of seven working days.  (Target 10 working days)

97 %

Percentage of complaints resolved within target

97% of stage 1 complaints were resolved within the target of 10 days. 

86 %

Customer satisfaction with complaints

86% of customers who responded to our survey said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with how their complaint was handled, irrespective of the outcome of the complaint. 

47 %

Most common areas of complaint

47% of complaints were in relation to Maintenance and Commercial Services (Repairs). Of the complaints about this service, 58% were owing to time taken to complete repairs and/or communication relating to this. Across all service areas, we identified that communication with customers was a key aspect of several complaints. 



We received 111 compliments in the first 6 months of the year. Many of these related to where individual staff members had gone above and beyond to provide excellent levels of service and care.  

Learning and improving from complaints 

At Stockport Homes we value all forms of customer feedback. We use the learning from complaints to drive improvements to the services we provide to our customers. Here are a few examples of improvements which have come about following customer feedback during the first half of the year:  

  • Improvement to the system used to manage calls to the out of hours repairs service, making it easier for customers to reach the service. 
  • We have worked with a new repairs subcontractor to ensure that they meet the excellent levels of customer service we and our customers expect, meaning complex drainage issues are resolved more quickly. 
  • We have improved our internal process for arranging emergency gain entries to properties to ensure that affected customers are always kept fully informed of developments. 
  • Training has been provided to ensure that urgent shower replacements are carried out more quickly where this is needed. 

Customer Feedback reports

You can read our feedback reports below. We also tell you about complaints and compliments in the Stockport at home. To view our latest Stockport at home newsletter, please visit the customer newsletter page.

Customer Feedback Report Year End 2020/21

Read our year end customer feedback report for 2020-21.

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