At Stockport Homes, we feel it is important to be open and transparent with our customers, and we are fully committed to our Together with Tenants commitments.

As part of our commitment to communicate with customers we have set out our performance on complaints handling for 2022/23 (April 2022 to March 2023). For more detail you can also read our 2022/23 Year End Customer Feedback reports. 


Number of complaints received

We closed 373 new formal complaints during the year, with 17 complaints being heard at stage 2 of our complaints process

9 Days

Time taken to resolve complaints

Stage 1 cases were resolved in an average of 9 working days (target 10 working days)

97 %

Percentage of complaints resolved within target

97% of stage 1 complaints were resolved within the target of 10 days

63 %

Customer satisfaction with complaints

63% of customers who responded to our survey said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with how their complaint was handled, irrespective of the outcome of the complaint.

46 %

Most common areas of complaint

46% of complaints were in relation to Repairs and Maintenance (lack of action and repeated repairs/time taken to resolve was most common driver of complaints across the whole of the organisation). Of the complaints about this service, a significant number were owing to time taken to complete repairs and/or communication relating to this. · Across all service areas, we identified that communication with customers was a key aspect of a number of complaint 



We received 258 compliments during the year. A large number of these related to where individual staff members had gone above and beyond to provide excellent levels of service and care.

Learning and improving from complaints 

At Stockport Homes we value all forms of customer feedback. We use the learning from complaints to drive improvements to the services we provide to our customers. Here are a few examples of improvements which have come about following customer feedback during the year:

  • Improvement to the process for Carecall contacting next-of-kin, ensuring that next-of-kin are contacted irrespective of their geographical location, providing enhanced levels of service and maximising instances where next-of-kin may be able to respond or offer support to service users.
  • Closer collaborative working and agreed changes to process relating to plasterwork repairs, reducing instances where multiple visits are required, reducing time to complete and level of inconvenience experienced by customers.
  • Utilisation of a specialist contractor to repair or replace extractor fans, reducing the length of time customers have to wait for a visit.
  • Enhanced communication with drainage contractors to ensure Stockport Homes are made aware of urgent issues straight away to allow further action and support where customers are being significantly impacted.
  • Changes made to the complaint handling system, to ensure this reflects up to date customer records including changes to name and preferred pronouns.

Compliments Received 

During the year Stockport Homes recorded 258 compliments from customers.  Here are just a few of the compliments received which demonstrate where colleagues have gone above and beyond and demonstrated a customer focussed approach:

  • A Caretaker who goes "above and beyond every single time” and “clearly cares about cleaning what is a challenging block”.
  • The Home Sales Team for their patience, calm and kindness during an extremely stressful time for a home buyer and helping their dreams come true when they felt it would not become a reality.
  • A repair operative about their “lovely” attitude and care shown to their two-year old while working in the property.

Customer Feedback reports

You can read our feedback reports below. We also tell you about complaints and compliments in the Stockport at home. You can download a copy of the Stockport at home newsletter from the publications section.

Customer Feedback Report Year End 2020/21

Read our year end customer feedback report for 2020-21.

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Customer Feedback Report Year End 2021/22

Read our year end customer feedback report for 2020-21.

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Customer Feedback Report Year End 2022/23

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Landlords Self-Assessment Against Complaint Handling Code

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Customer Feedback Policy

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