Caretaking team responsibilites

The Caretaking Team are responsible for the following 

  • Keeping all communal corridors, stairwells, foyers and lifts clean and tidy 
  • Litter picking the communal space outside your block 
  • Keeping the bin areas clean and safe 
  • Reporting bulky waste / fly tipping for removal and identifying Perpetrators of this for recharge by the Housing Officer 
  • Clearing hazardous items or waste and again identifying perpetrators of this for recharge by the Housing Officer 
  • Reporting communal repairs and working with contractors to keep areas safe and clean 
  • Management of the communal window cleaning contract (only at sites where customers pay a service charge for window cleaning) 
Other key contacts

Other services that are not the responsibility of the Caretaking Team, but that you may find useful are listed below: