The interest is always much greater than the number of homes available, so you may need to be flexible and look at other housing options.  

You can also find out your chances of getting a property through Homechoice. 

How it works
  • You can register for a home with us and see available properties by visiting the Homechoice website 
  • The size and type of home you can apply for will depend on how many rehousing points you receive. Our Allocations Policy explains the process of deciding how many points you have.  
  • You choose up to 3 properties each week that are suitable for you. We call this ‘bidding’, and you can do this through the Homechoice website 
  • We start advertising properties 00:01 Friday to 23:59 Tuesday. 
  • If someone refuses a property, then we offer it to the applicant with the next highest level of rehousing points.
Important information
  • There are always more people applying for properties than we have homes becoming available 
  • You need to be registered with us to bid for properties 
  • Bidding means choosing up to 3 properties each week you are interested in 
  • The quickest way to register and bid is online 
  • It is not first come first served – you have all week to bid 
  • If you need help to register, or have any other questions about Homechoice, please contact 0161 217 6016 (option 2) for further advice and support