What is the Board?

The Board of Directors are responsible for managing Stockport Homes, meaning that they set the strategic direction of the company and monitor our performance. 

Alongside this they set our budgets and approve strategies. The Board does not get involved in the day-to-day running of the organisation.  

The Board’s decision-making has a real impact on how we deliver services to customers, for example: 

  • Driving improvements in performance  
  • Supporting and approving proposals to build more homes in Stockport  
  • Agreeing how much is invested to maintain and improve housing  

To find out more about who the Board are, see the Meet the Board page. 

Board meetings and duties

The Board and Committees meet four times a year. 

Board members receive a set of papers a week in advance of meetings and are expected to read the reports and consider the main issues. They then come to the Board meeting with questions, comments and suggestions about proposals and reports. All meetings are open to the public, but you must let us know in advance if you plan to attend. Please contact the Governance Team for details of Board meeting dates.  You can find the minutes and agendas of each meeting on the Board meetings page


The Board has three committees that look at different areas of the organization.

Audit and Risk Committee 

The Audit & Risk Committee exists to ensure independent scrutiny and assurance about the integrity of the allocation of resources, business decisions, internal controls, and risk management systems.

Customer Focus Committee

The Customer Focus Committee ensures that:

  • Excellent services are delivered to meet the diverse needs of all customers and that performance and outcomes remains strong with continuous improvement / transformation taking place
  • The Regulator’s Consumer Standards are continually being met, as well as the requirements of the Building Safety Regulator and the Housing Ombudsman.

People and Governance Committee

The People and Governance Committee exists to oversee:

  • Recruitment and appointment of Board Members and the Senior Leadership Team, their appraisal and remuneration and the appraisal of the Chief Executive’s performance.
  • Effective governance arrangements are in place by ensuring compliance with the NHF Code of Governance 2020 and regularly reviewing Board Effectiveness
  • Culture and Values within the business including effective operation of People & Organisational Development Policies and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion work.
How to become a board member

We welcome applications to join the Board at any time, from customers or other people who would like to contribute to what we are doing. We aim to achieve a Board that is representative of the communities we serve and therefore applications are particularly welcomed from people from diverse or under represented groups as well as all other members of the community. If there are no vacancies when you apply, we will keep your details and let you know when a vacancy does become available. 

Please complete the form below if you would like more information about this exciting opportunity. 

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