Repairs should be done on 'a like for like' basis and by a competent contractor. If we don’t do the repairs, we will need to inspect the work once completed to make sure it has been done to the correct specification and standard.

Rechargeable repairs include:

  • replacing broken windows
  • renewing or repairing damaged internal doors
  • replacing locks if keys are lost
  • alterations that have been carried out by the tenant and need returning to their original state (for example where dividing walls between living rooms and dining rooms are removed)
  • the cost of a trade person visit when an urgent repair is requested but the operative is unable to gain access due to the tenant not being in

You can use our repairs team to complete the rechargeable repairs providing an up-front and on-going payment plan is agreed. Simply call our contact centre on 0161 217 6016. We aim to provide you with a discount if you pay the full amount before the work is completed.

Some repairs may need to be done immediately due to health and safety or security requirements. In these situations, we reserve the right to complete these works if you request them and send you an invoice detailing the amount you need to pay us.

Rechargeable Repairs Policy

Please read the Rechargeable Repairs Policy.

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