Why is gas safety important?

Gas remains one of the most used fuels for heating and cooking however there are potentially dangerous and fatal consequences if gas appliances are faulty or poorly maintained.  

  • Gas leaks can occur from faulty appliances and pipework which can lead to fires or explosions with potentially devastating results. 
  • Each year around 20 people die through carbon monoxide poisoning in the United Kingdom because of poorly maintained or faulty gas appliances. 
What do Stockport Homes do?

As a landlord SHG has a legal duty and responsibility to ensure gas heating systems and pipework provided in its properties and buildings are maintained so that they are safe for use. 

  • SHG ensure that a gas safety check is carried to all gas boilers at least every 12 months. This includes those boilers providing communal district heating. 
  • A gas safety check will be carried out on all gas fires supplied by SHG and a visual inspection of any gas fire or cookers fitted by customers. 
  • The gas is turned off in all properties that become vacant and is tested before being turned back on. 
  • SHG have legal powers to force access to properties to carry out a gas safety check to ensure neighbouring properties and residents are not put at risk. 
  • Gas safety checks and repairs to gas heating systems are only carried out by appropriately qualified gas engineers 
  • Customers are not permitted to fit their own gas fire or use Propane or Calor gas within their property 
  • Electronic copies of gas safety certificates are retained as evidence 

SHG provide a 24/7 repairs service to ensure that any urgent gas repairs or safety issues can be addressed quickly. 

What can you do to keep safe?

DO allow SHG access to your property for the annual gas safety check 

Ring the SHG Customer Safety Team today if you think the test at your property may be due or you do not know when it was last done – 0161 218 1944 

DO use a gas safe registered engineer to install a gas cooker 

DO report any faults with your gas boiler to SHG on 0161 217 6016 

DO NOT install a gas fire in your property or use Propane or Calor gas 

Annual gas safety check

If you have gas appliances in your home, then at least once every 12 months we require access to your property to carry out a Gas Safety Check. This is for you and your household's safety. The safety check will identify faults which if left could leak to a gas escape, fire, or carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Arranging access to your home

Approximately 6 weeks before the safety check at your home is due the SHG Customer Safety Team will send you an appointment letter advising you of the date and time our appointed gas contractor Three Sixty will visit.  

If the appointment is not convenient you can contact us to re-arrange the visit. 

It is vital that if you are not going to be available for the appointment that you do contact us as failure to provide access could lead to legal action being taken. 

Preparing for the safety check

To allow the test to be carried out swiftly with minimum disruption, in preparation please ensure: 

  • You have credit on your gas and electric meter* 
  • That there will be someone over the age of 18 in the property. 
  • That there is clear access to the gas meter, gas meter control tap, all gas appliances, e.g., boiler, fire and/or cooker and all smoke, heat and/or CO alarms. 
  • That wherever possible to ensure that they are not too hot to work on gas appliances should not be used for at least an hour before the appointment 
  • That if you have a dog, please it is secured in a room or outside. 
  • That you have sufficient time to allow the test to be carried it. It should take no more than 45 minutes. 

*if gas and/or electric credit is not available the engineer will still require access however will be unable to carry out the safety check and may have to turn off your gas supply. 

The engineer will require access to every room in the home that has a gas appliance and/or smoke, heat or CO alarm. 

If you foresee any issues in the safety check being completed or have any specific requirements or requests, please contact the SHG Customer Safety Team on 0161 218 1944. 

For your security and peace of mind all engineers carry photographic identity cards. 

During the safety check

During the safety check the engineer will: 

  • Request to be shown the gas meter and any gas appliances, e.g., boiler, fire, cooker 
  • Test all smoke, heat and/or CO detectors in your home to ensure they are working. The battery expiry date of the detectors will also be checked and replaced if necessary. Depending on the type of detectors fitted the engineer may also note them for replacement. 
  • Carry out a gas tightness test at the gas meter. This will confirm that there are no faults or gas escapes to the gas pipework. 
  • Examine the boiler and carry out tests to ensure no harmful fumes are being emitted. The engineer will also review the settings of the boiler to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency. 
  • If you have a gas fire installed by SHG, remove the fire from the wall and carry out a flue test, clean the fire and refit it. If you have your own gas fire the engineer will carry out the necessary safety tests but will not clean it. 
  • If you have a gas cooker, visually inspect it for correct installation and operation. 

The results of the safety check are recorded on an electronic certificate, a copy of which can be provided on request. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Gas Safety Check, please contact the SHG Customer Safety Team on 0161 218 1944 or [email protected]