Before you carry out any alterations to your property you must complete the Alterations and Installations form to request written permission. Alterations might include (but are not limited to): 

  • fitting your own kitchen / bathroom suite
  • installing patio doors - depending on the scale of the proposed alteration you may also need to request Planning Permission from Stockport Council. Any work must be carried out by qualified tradespeople and adhere to building regulations. Following completion of the works a Technical Surveyor will visit your property to inspect the work and ensure that it has been done to an acceptable standard.

Installations and alterations form

Please read the guidance notes before completing and submitting.

All sections in this application must be completed. Your application will not be processed if incomplete.

Your details:

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Tell us what you want to alter

Will the proposed alteration involve alterations to the following:

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Do you need to consult with other Council departments or agencies?

E.G. satellite dishes, extensions and conversions.
E.G. removal of internal walls

Tell us about the alterations:

Health and safety

Nearly all alterations will require the following to be included with your application:

I understand that no work is to commence until I have received Stockport Homes writtenapproval and I agree to the following conditions together with any others that Stockport Homesmay impose.A. The whole of the cost is to be borne by me;B. The workmanship and fittings (which must be NEW) will be to the satisfaction of StockportHomes and will comply with the Building and Planning Regulations and the requirements ofstatutory bodies such as Gas, Electric and Water.C. All liability in respect of damage to persons or things attributable to the work to whichthis application relates is to be entirely mine. Approval by Stockport Homes does not implystructural Safety nor satisfactory performance in the case of new appliances and fittings;D. I agree that I will remove and refit the appliance(s), fitting(s) or fixture(s) to allow StockportHomes access to maintain the property as necessary. All costs associated with this will bemine.

I confirm that Stockport Homes can send me news, information and service updates, by email, phone, post