Stockport at home Customer newsletter

The customer newsletter is sent to all tenants three times a year. The newsletter is jam packed with useful information, good news stories, community activities, and service updates. If you are a My Online user, you can go paperless and receive your newsletter electronically by email.

Annual Report to Customers

Our Annual Report is designed to give you a sense of how we are doing and the opportunity to use that knowledge to challenge us. Tenants are consulted on the content and format of the report to ensure the information is presented clearly.

Stockport Homes Website and ‘My Online’

Visit our website at at any time to access a wide range of information about our services, news, and to access online services through ‘My Online’ where you can report and check repairs, apply for and bid on a property, view your rent account and make a payment. All available 24/7 from the comfort of your own home. 

Stockport Homes Social Media Channels

For all the latest news and information follow us on FacebookTwitter and Linkedin