Joining the Credit Union is a great way for local people to access affordable savings and credit facilities. As a non-for-profit organisation any surplus we make is given back to our members in the form of a dividend for savers, lower interest rates on loans, and reinvestment into our organisation to improve our services to members.


Stockport Credit Union offers savings accounts to people living or working in Stockport. Saving regularly, even just a small amount, helps you to manage if you get unexpected costs, or to plan for expected spending, such as a school uniform, a holiday, or a big purchase.

You can start your savings with as little as £1. Our popular Christmas Saver account helps you to spread the cost over ten months. Whilst our Share 2 account can help you save and prepare for the big things such as a house move, a training course, or furniture for your home. In fact, you can save for any special occasion or event. We haven’t forgotten the little ones either. Our Young Saver account is a perfect way to start them on the right path.


As a social enterprise owned by its members, Stockport Credit Union can offer affordable loans that have our members’ interests at heart. This means we can be more flexible than a bank in deciding whether to lend.

As a responsible lender, all loan applications are assessed on an individual basis. We perform credit checks as well as assess affordability based on the submission of recent bank statements and income and expenditure forms.

The interest rates offered will depend on your own circumstances, and high-value loans may require higher credit ratings.

While you have a credit union loan, you must continue to pay at least £1 weekly or £5 monthly into your savings for the length of your loan. This way once you have paid off your loan you have a lump sum that you can withdraw or build further savings upon.

Starter Loan – For new members without any savings with Stockport Credit Union. The starter loan is for a maximum of £500. A savings account will be opened alongside this loan that is locked until the loan is repaid.

Child Benefit Loan – This loan is serviced by child benefit payment and is paid directly to Stockport Credit Union. The child benefit loan is for a maximum of £750. A savings account will be opened alongside this loan.

Saver Loan – For members who have been with Stockport Credit Union for at least 3 months with a regular savings record. Up to £7,500 is calculated as 4x the savings balance.

Benefits of a Stockport Credit Union Loan

  • Interest is calculated daily on your reducing balance
  • Check your balances in an instant via our NIVO app
  • You can pay off your loan early or make extra payments without penalties
  • There are no setup or administration fees
  • You pay directly from your bank via Standing Order
  • You can repay weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or monthly
  • Grow your savings at the same time as having a loan

How does the interesting work?

Interest on loans is charged daily on the declining balance.

You may be offered a different interest rate based on your personal circumstances or previous repayment history.

For further information about our savings and loans products visit the Stockport Credit Union website.