If you’re going through a difficult time, talking it through could help. Counselling gives you time to speak to someone who will listen, offer support and will not judge you. Stockport Homes tenants can get free counselling from Beacon counselling starting Monday 5th September.

Counselling can help with things like:

  • Coming to terms with a relationship breakdown or losing someone important to you
  • Worries about cost of living, redundancy or stress in work
  • Dealing with feelings of anxiety or sadness and help to resolve complicated feelings, or find ways to live with them.
  • Supporting you to feel happier with who you, to make sense of things and understand yourself better.
  • Improving relationships by working out better ways to communicate
  • Dealing with changes in people’s lives, like having children or living with a long-term illness
  • Dealing with recent or past trauma

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