Using renewable energy is a key way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and has a much lower impact on the environment than traditional energy sources e.g. coal and oil. This is vital for our planet’s future, as well as ours. Your solar panel system will generate electricity without producing further carbon emissions. Electricity from the grid is often produced by burning fossil fuels which release carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change. The less we rely on energy produced from fossil fuels, the better it is for the environment.  

Since 2010, we have installed solar panels on 2,307 of our properties. On average, those properties with solar panels have seen a saving of £158 per year on their electricity bill.  

To use the electricity that the solar panels are producing for free, you must use it at the time it is being generated i.e., during the day/ when it is a particularly sunny day and sunlight is shining directly on the panels. If you don’t use the electricity being produced by the panels, it will automatically get sent to the grid. 

  • If possible, use an appliance during the day when the solar PV is generating power rather than in the evening or overnight. 
  • Greater savings can be made using high-power electric appliances when the solar panels are generating most. This will typically be in the middle of the day when it is sunny. 
  • Use larger appliances one at a time to minimise the electricity coming from the grid. 
  • If it is safe, use timers on appliances which can run while you are out during the day. 
  • Consider getting a smart meter and use the in-home display which comes with it to monitor the electricity you are purchasing from the grid. 
  • Consider cooking your evening meal during the day using a slow cooker on low power rather than by using the hob or oven in the evening. 

For more information on understanding your solar panel system and maximising their benefits, please see user guide.  

The solar PV systems owned by Stockport Homes are monitored via an online platform, if you are interested on how much electricity the solar panels on your property are generating then we can provide your own unique login to so you can track and monitor your generation.  

Solar Panels

Solar Panel User Guide

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If you have any further questions about the solar panels, please contact the Stockport Homes Energy Advice Team on 0161 474 4062 or [email protected]