The reports below list payments to external suppliers where the amount of the invoice is over £500 (excluding VAT). The reports are made available under the Open Government License.   

Data is published in CSV file format as per Government guidance. For ease of reading, it is also saved as a PDF. 

Transparency Data 2023

July 2023 CVS PDF 
June 2023 CSV PDF
May 2023 CVS PDF 
April 2023 CVS PDF 
March 2023 CVS PDF
February 2023 CVS PDF
January 2023 CVS PDF

Transparency Data 2022

December CSV PDF
November CSV PDF
October CSV PDF
September CSV PDF
August 2022 CSV PDF
July 2022 CSV PDF
June 2022 CVS PDf
May 2022 CVS PDF
April 2022 CVS PDF
March 2022 CVS PDF
February 2022 CVS PDF
January 2022 CVS PDF

Transparency Data 2021

December 2021 CVS PDF
November 2021 CVS PDF
October 2021 CVS PDF
September 2021 CVS PDF
August 2021 CVS PDF
July 2021 CVS PDF
June 2021 CSV PDF
May 2021 CSV PDF
April 2021 CSV PDF
March 2021 CSV PDF
February 2021 CSV PDF
January 2021 CSV PDF

Transparency data 2020

December 2020 CSV PDF
November 2020 CSV PDF
October 2020 CSV PDF
September 2020 CSV PDF
August 2020 CSV PDF
July 2020 CSV PDF
June 2020 CSV PDF
May 2020 CSV PDF
April 2020 CSV PDF
March 2020 CSV PDF
February 2020 CSV PDF
January 2020 CSV PDF

Transparency data 2019

December 2019 CSV PDF
November 2019 CSV PDF
October 2019 CSV PDF
September 2019 CSV PDF
August 2019 CSV PDF
July 2019 CSV PDF
June 2019 CSV PDF
May 2019 CSV PDF
April 2019 CSV PDF
March 2019 CSV PDF
February 2019 CSV PDF
January 2019 CSV PDF

Transparency data 2018

December 2018 CSV PDF
November 2018 CSV PDF
October 2018 CSV PDF
September 2018 CSV PDF
August 2018 CSV PDF
July 2018 CSV PDF
June 2018 CSV PDF
May 2018 CSV PDF
April 2018 CSV PDF
March 2018 CSV PDF
February 2018 CSV PDF
January 2018 CSV PDF


Transparency data 2017

December 2017 CSV PDF
November 2017 CSV PDF
October 2017 CSV PDF
September 2017 CSV PDF
August 2017 CSV PDF
July 2017 CSV PDF
June 2017 CSV PDF
May 2017 CSV PDF
April 2017 CSV PDF
March 2017 CSV PDF
February 2017 CSV PDF
January 2017 CSV PDF

Transparency data 2016

December 2016 CSV PDF
November 2016 CSV PDF
October 2016 CSV PDF
September 2016 CSV PDF
August 2016 CSV PDF
July 2016 CSV PDF
June 2016 CSV PDF
May 2016 CSV PDF
April 2016 CSV PDF

The following information is removed: Whilst all transactions will be published, certain pieces of personal information within those transactions will be removed, i.e. replaced with general terms, to provide protection under the Data Protection Act. Examples include the names of:  

  • Children 
  • Vulnerable adults 
  • Recipients of compensation payments
  • Recipients of severance payments  

If you have a general query about the data published, please email [email protected] stating your name, and details of the enquiry.