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Online learning and support

The government advice of Stay at Home is a challenge for us all. Chris our customer training officer has created some videos to help you through these difficult times #StayHomeSaveLives


Surviving Self-Isolation

A few tips and techniques to support people in self-isolation


Staying Active

Benefits of staying active and tips on how to do it


Managing your Thoughts

Understanding the tricks our brains play on us and how to stay mentally strong


Managing your Time Get some helpful tips on managing your time


Happiness Part 1

What is it and how to get more of it?


Happiness Part 2

Top 10 tips to happiness


Problem Solving

Getting the best outcomes with a problem solving strategy


Communication skills

We do it all the time, but there’s a lot more to it than you might realise.


Preparing for Interview

Employment theme - Advice and tips on how to prepare for an interview


Transferable skills

Employment theme - what skills people may already have that are attractive to prospective employers.


Interview Techniques

Employment theme - the video covers what you should do, and not do, during a job interview.


Employment Team

This video introduces the Employment Support Team and gives tips on finding work.



Resilience - can you learn skills to improve your life skills?



What is stoicism and how does it link to resilience


Critical thinking

How can you learn to 'think better'?


After lockdown

Get tips on how to prepare to "new normal"


Working with Other People Get some tips and advice on how to work effectively in a team


Video Interviews

Tips and advice on successful video and online interviews


Effective Meetings

What are meetings, why do we have them and how do they work


Project Management

This video introduces some of the key concepts behind project management. It is aimed at people looking to manage small/ community projects.


Roles and Boundaries

This video covers the roles and boundaries of working as a volunteer.


Presentation Skills

How to build you confidence, prepare what you're going to say, how to deliver it and many other aspects of presentation skills.


Dealing with change

How people cope and react to change and what you should do if you find yourself in a period of sudden change.


Marketing and Promotion for Community Groups

This video introduces essential skills and knowledge needed to effectively promote community projects, groups and campaigns.


SFL+ Vlog: Upcoming courses

The first customer training video of 2021. It takes a quick look at staying positive during lockdown and upcoming SFL+ courses.

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Page last reviewed 10/02/2021
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