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Become a mystery shopper

Stockport Homes aspires to deliver excellent services to our customers and is always looking to improve and develop. To help us do this, we are calling for mystery shoppers to undertake some service checks throughout the year.

If you fancy a new challenge, have a good eye for detail and fancy earning a voucher for coffee and cake at the Windmill, see below for more information on how to get involved. Many of the activities can be done from the comfort of your own home, with no long term commitment required!

Interested? Read our FAQs below and sign up here!

  • What is a mystery shopper

    A customer posing with a made up scenario whilst assessing a service, or aspect of a service, from the customer perspective.  

  • What does being a mystery shopper involve

    Mystery shopping can involve visiting our office, phone calls, emails, social media enquiries, website surveys or even home visits depending on the service being assessed.  

  • What is the mystery around mystery shopping

    The mystery is that you do not disclose you are carrying out a mystery shopping exercise. You act normally as if you have a genuine enquiry or need to assess the service you receive. 

  • What is in it for me

    Getting involved has lots of benefits:

    • Helping us to improve and deliver excellent services
    • Gaining knowledge and learning more about Stockport Homes 
    • Becoming a more active member of your community
    • Meeting new people
    • Getting involved in the decision making process
    • Increasing confidence

    Learning new skills such as:

    • Communication
    • Following instruction
    • Filling in and presenting information
    • Seeking out and collecting information in a variety of formats
  • What will happen when I sign up

    Once you have signed up we will send you an information pack explaining the terms and conditions of taking part in mystery shopping exercises. We will then add you to the Mystery Shopping Mailing List. 

  • How do I find out what exercises are coming up

    Once signed up all opportunities will be sent to you via email or post, whichever you prefer. Opportunities vary throughout the year but there is normally at least 2 per year.  We will also put notifications on our website and social media sites. 

    Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to make sure you don't miss any opportunities.

  • How do I apply for an exercise

    Each exercise will have an information sheet detailing the activity, location, timescales, deadline and skills required.

    If you feel you fit the bill and want to take part in an exercise please contact us using the details shown on the information sheet.

  • How often can I take part

    There is no limit to the number of exercises you can complete, we really value the time our customers give so you can take part as many times as you like or none at all depending on the type of exercise and the time you have!

  • Will I need to complete exercises at a certain time

    Each exercise will have a deadline to submit the results of any checks you complete. This will be clearly shown on the information sheet.

    Normally as long as exercises are completed by the deadline date the actual time and day is up to you. (Unless specified otherwise on the information sheet).

  • When and how do I feedback the results of my check

    You will normally be provided with a results sheet to fill in and send back to us either via email or using a freepost envelope depending on the type of exercise. This will be included in the information you receive after signing up for each exercise.

  • Will I receive any training to help me

    More involved exercises may include a briefing where you will be invited to a session to prepare for the exercise and practice any face to face or over the phone scenarios so you feel confident. These will normally be held early evening if required.

    Stockport Homes also offers a Level 2 Qualification in Participation which includes relevant skills training for getting involved in activities such as mystery shopping and other involvement activities. However, this training is not a requirement.

  • Do I get paid

    Mystery Shopping is voluntary and therefore you will not be paid for completing exercises. Occasionally we may run a prize draw for taking part. We will also reimburse any expenses incurred such as bus fares or parking charges. All receipts must be kept for this.

    Currently if you sign up to take part as a mystery shopper, you will receive a voucher for a coffee and cake at the Windmill Cafe!

  • How do I sign up

    Please register your interest by completing the form below.


    Quality Panel registration form

    Please include your full name
    Please include your full address including postcode
    Please include an email address (is applicable)

If you would like to find out more or be would be interested in any future activities please contact the Customer Involvement Team at 

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Page last reviewed 11/07/2019