Stockport Homes and Stockport Council work closely with Greater Manchester Fire Service and following the tragic events at Grenfell, we have doubled our efforts to make sure that you are safe in your home.

We have completed a multi-million pound investment programme to install sprinklers in all flats within high rise blocks – this equates to 1,718 properties.

In addition, we have and continue to invest heavily in ensuring we comply with all fire safety legislation and guidance and in the last five years we have invested over £7m in upgrading fire safety measures including communal fire doors, flat entrance doors, smoke / heat alarms and compartmentalisation (ensuring each individual flat is sealed to prevent fire spreading).

There is clear evidence that sprinklers can be effective in stopping fires spreading and putting them out, ultimately saving lives.

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service

If you live in a multi-storey block and have any worries about your safety you can contact your Block Support Officer, Caretaker or call us on 0161 217 6016.

You can book a Home Safety Check or for further free home safety advice please visit Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service's website or call freephone 0800 555 815.

You can also speak with your Neighbourhood Housing Officer for more information, or email us at [email protected] or you can complete the enquiry form below and one of our team will be in touch.

Why are sprinklers important?

Sprinklers do not rely upon human factors such as familiarity with escape routes or emergency assistance. They go to work immediately to reduce the danger by preventing fires developing.

How do sprinklers operate?

Fire sprinklers are individually heat-activated. When the heat from the fire reaches 68°C the single sprinkler head activates delivering water directly to the source of the heat.

How effective are sprinklers?

Sprinklers significantly reduce fire damage and prevent loss of life

How can we be sure sprinklers will work in a fire?

Most sprinkler systems are very simple. There are normally no moving parts to fail. The pipes are full of water, usually from the mains. The sprinklers will activate when they get hot and immediately spray water on the fire.

If a sprinkler is activated how long will it go off for?

On activation, the sprinkler system sounds an alarm in our 24 hour monitored concierge security room. The duty concierge team will then immediately call the fire service to attend. The fire service response time to your block is on average 6-8 minutes. Having established that any fire has been extinguished, the fire service crew will then switch off the sprinkler.

Are they a popular feature in people's homes?

More than 70 million sprinkler heads are installed worldwide each year, sprinklers also protect the lives of firefighters and are fully supported by fire services. If our high rise blocks were being constructed now, sprinklers would be included.

Will sprinklers near a cooker operate accidently like smoke detectors?

Smoke will not activate a sprinkler head. There must be a fire that generates enough heat to raise the temperature near the sprinkler to above 68°C.

If there is a fire will all the sprinklers in the block be activated?

No, each head is independent and only the head(s) adjacent to the fire activate.

Will Steam Strippers effect sprinklers

As you decorate your living space, please remember to avoid using stream strippers to remove wallpaper as this can disrupt essential life safety equipment like smoke detectors and sprinkler caps. Any damage to these systems could jeopardize your safety and that of your neighbors.

Sprinklers leaflet

Find out more about the do's and do not's for sprinklers.

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Sprinklers - Wallpaper Steam Strippers Information leaflet

Read the flyer about not using wallpaper steam strippers when you have sprinklers installed.

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