Fire precautions in multi-storey blocks are governed by building regulations and are kept up to date with a range of inspections from Stockport Homes’ employees, external specialists and the fire service. The main source of fire safety is compartmentation, where each flat is a fire-resistant compartment that will keep the fire contained within the flat and so slow down the spread of fire. 

To gain an escape, the stairwells are also fire resisting. There are fire doors at every level to prevent smoke and fire from entering the stairwell. It is very important to keep these doors closed. In addition, most blocks have fire doors on the landings where smoke and fire are restricted to two flats, helping to prevent the spread of smoke across the whole floor, including the escape routes. 

We take great care to ensure that the fire precautions built into multi-storey blocks are maintained and where compartments must be breached (such as where pipes and cables enter a flat), these breaks are protected by materials that will automatically seal in the event of a fire. 

For more information about fire safety in multi-storey blocks, please visit the Fire Safety in blocks page 

In the event of a fire, please call the Fire Brigade by dialling 999

You can find more useful fire safety advice at the GM Fire and Rescue Service website