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Sheltered Schemes September 2022
Temporary Accommodation A Day In The Life March21 (15)

The Independent Living Team at Stockport Homes provides an additional element of assistance to enable customers to sustain tenancies & enhance their well-being. Your feedback has ensured their service continues to improve.

You Said

We Did

48.54% are Very Satisfied with your accommodation, 39.81% Satisfied

Caretaking managers attended scheme coffee mornings to ensure residents feel supported

61.94% are Very Satisfied with your Independent Living Officer, 29.02% Satisfied

Our Independent Living Officers continue to remain accessible and are looking to support residents with maximising current property space

49.5% Said you were Very Satisfied with the service you received from Independent Living, 47.52% Satisfied

Our team distributed relevant information on processes around independent living and void properties and when they will become available.

We are concerned the property size is no longer suitable for our needs

Residents were supported with applying for rehousing by their independent living officer.

The general conditions at Smithy Green could be updated.  

Improvements have been made in the communal lounge area. Further improvement works are set to take place later in the year.

Lancashire Hill Heating Upgrades September 2022
RS14205 Pp

Making sure customers know how to use their heating controls is very important to ensure it is as cost effective as possible, whilst keeping properties as warm. Customer feedback has given us a better insight into how customers heat their homes, and how we can best advise and communicate on energy usage.  

You Said

We Did

You didn’t feel confident with new heating systems.

Shared user guides with customers and printed a QR code onto each boiler. Once scanned, this directed customers to a video with instructions on how to use the new heating system.  

You were unsure what the new rates would be and if you had enough time to top up your meter

Allocated £5 emergency credit on your meter which will allow you time to top up your meter or set up a standing order.


Employment April 2023
Employment (7 Of 18)

During August to November 2022 the employment service received customer feedback through Surveying existing and future customers of the employment service and a Focus Group, part of the Greater Manchester Housing Partnership (GMHP). By working together are making a positive difference to people and communities across Greater Manchester. 

You Said

We Did

77% of you said you really value one to one support

This will continue to be our main offer and be included in the morning session of the newly designed job club.

70% of you said you weren’t aware of the job club

We have given the job club a new identity called

‘Pathways to Employment’ with new marketing to increase awareness. We also attended the Brinnington Jobs Fair in January 2023 to promote the new job club locally and had 27 people sign up to the service.

The support you are most interested in is:

•             Meeting Employers

•             Job Searching

•             Writing a CV

•             Interview Practice

We have redesigned the job club and split it into two sessions: Morning: One to one support & Afternoon: Meet local employers

Support for people with SEND was missing from the GMHP Employment pledge.

SEND Provision is now included in the GMHP Employment Pledge.

You liked the focus on supporting customers aged over 40 to 50 to find employment

This has been kept in the GMHP Employment Pledge and Stockport Homes are also starting a new project aimed at supporting customers aged 40 to 50.

Damp, Mould and Condensation
RS14385 Pp

This year, alongside our Customer Scrutiny Panel and newly formed response team, have supported our essential work to safeguard customers home's against damp, mould and condensation. 

You Said

We Did

The webpage needs to ensure that customers should contact SHG if they have a persistent problem

Stockport Homes website has been updated to allow customers to search for keywords, damp, mould or condensation which takes them to a landing page with all necessary information

Visits were taking too long         


Established an urgent response team to ensure any reports of DMC were visited by specialists as a priority

You wanted information that was clear and easy to understand

Worked with customers to develop a range of new material including a keeping your home free from damp and mould video to ensure that information is clear to understand and accessible to everyone.

Alongside this we have established a team of specialists within our one number team to ensure that your issues are understood and actioned correctly. All our colleagues have had training and a group wide approach has been taken to ensuring that any member of staff has an ‘eyes wide open’ approach to reporting issues.

Safer Neighbourhoods Review (Customer Scrutiny Panel)
ASB Woodall

The Customer Scrutiny Panel (CSP) is a group of customers who review and challenge how we are performing and delivering services. This year they have focused heavily on our safer neighbourhoods service and made it even more accessible for customers to report Anti-social Behaviour. 

You Said

We Did

Provide a direct link t the ASB pages of the website to the ASB case review process

The Marketing Team are supporting to ensure the ASB case review is more accessible and easier to find on the website. New links will now take customers directly to the review portal

Provide a link to the ASB policy on the webpage

A link to the policy has been added

Consider reducing the response scales on the survey questions

The Head of Technology has arranged for the service to make system changes and reduce the scoring to 1-5

Hate Crime Policy and Procedure
Shenade Hegarty ASB Remote App (8)

Stockport Homes continue to promote our approach to hate crime and antisocial behaviour generally, with customer feedback and experience and essential part of a successful service. 

You Said

We Did

What is the difference between anti-social behaviour and a hate crime?

We have made the definition of a hate crime clear on the policy and procedure

You would like to see Stockport Homes and the police working closely together and not passing the responsibility to each other and that advice from both matches up

We will ensure consistent and outcome focused attendance at multi-agency meetings to develop joined up local solutions to cases which is centred on people and enables increases in early intervention and prevention activity

You would like to talk to someone with a similar identity who may be able to better understand what you are going through

We have added wording to the procedure which clearly states that Stockport Homes Group will treat all reported incidents of hate very seriously and will take immediate and appropriate action whenever incidents are reported or identified. Where an incident occurs towards a member of the LGBTQ+ community, we will offer and arrange for an employee who identifies as part of that community to be the point of contact for taking details of what has happened. Similarly, if a racist incident occurs, we will (so far as possible) offer and arrange for an employee of the same ethnicity to take the initial details of the complaint, if the victim so wishes

An officer should take ownership of a case, so that you always know who your point of contact is and you’re not being passed round to different people

We have added wording to the policy ad procedure which clearly states a victim-centred approach will be used to ensure that customers have access to appropriate support services and feel able to work with Stockport Homes staff in the investigation of the incident. Stockport Homes will ensure that a single point of contact deals with the case from start to finish

You would like clear information on how to report a hate crime and the stages involved to hopefully achieve a resolution

The hate procedure now includes clear information on how hate crime can be reported, and what will happen as the case is progressed. The policy and procedure will be made available on the website for people to access

You would like your case worker to ask you if you would like any follow up contact after your case has been closed

When a case is being closed, case officers will ask the question and diarise contact at a later date if the person who has experienced hate wishes to have further contact

Could Stockport Homes hold sessions for victims to get together so that they know they are not alone and be able to provide each other support

Yes – we have recently trialled two “complainant coffee” events. The take up was low however a new Complainant Support Specialist role will be in place from November who will progress the “peer support” initiative further

Can we do more prevention work, such as going into schools, so that inclusion can be improved and hopefully lead to fewer hate crime incidents

Stockport Homes Group is currently delivering “Heartstone (hate prevention) Programme” in schools across the borough.

Stockport Homes should promote parts of the policy on social media so that other victims of hate crimes know that support is available and so perpetrators know about the consequences

Stockport Homes will continue to promote how it approaches hate crime and antisocial behaviour generally on social media and will publicise successful action in cases.


Customer Roadshow 2022
Carol Jack York House (9)

You Said

We Did

Around one in four of you said you never use the internet

We will make sure the information we share with you is provided online and in other ways such as letters, posters, on screens in blocks and via text or telephone wherever possible.

Some of you said you don’t use the internet because you don’t know how to

We have free digital skills sessions across Stockport. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to advanced! Call 0161 494 9947 or ring/ text the DigiKnow helpline on 07724 217888.

You have to rely on your mobile phone for using the internet

Please call/text the DigiKnow helpline on 07724 217888 for information about affordable tablets and laptops

You said you hadn’t heard of social tariffs

We sent out fold out booklets with information on social tariffs to all households in your area with the rent statement. There is a QR code on there for info about the tariffs.


Money Advice

Customers supported with universal credit claims: 690, (12% increase from previous year)

Rent Arrears: 41 fewer accounts compared to 12 months prior. Arrears reduced in cash by £48,000, they increased by 73,000 in 21/2022.

Number of customers receiving essential information to avoid financial hardship:  
Supported 2,281 customers obtain additional income totalling over £7.2m 

Rents collected: 100.48% (target 100.01%, performance last year 100.20%) 

Household Support Fund: £200,000 Household Support Fund Monies awarded as a Trusted Partner for Stockport Council for assistance with food and fuel – 1,104 customers were supported with payments

Value for Money

Where each one pound comes from that is spent on services: 89p rents, 2p income from water collection on behalf of united utilities, 9p service charges and other income.

How each £1 is spent on services: 61p day to day management and maintenance of properties, 22p major repairs, 14p interest and principle debt repayments, 2p water rates paid to united utilities, 1p money kept for future investment.


Energy Advice Consultations completed: 1,800

Development across Stockport

Our Viaduct team are dedicated to providing affordable homes across Stockport:

Number of new homes completed: 82 
Number of new homes for rent: 23 
Number of new homes for sale: 59 
Number of new homes started: 22

Investing in your Home and Repairs

Repairs remain one of the most important services we deliver to you, which is why we strive for excellence every day:

Total spend on Keeping Homes safe on capital programme: £3,027,885.44
Energy performance: certificate rating C or above:
Fixed Wire Testing (Properties and communal areas with a satisfactory electrical installation certificate): – 100% 
Number of asbestos surveys completed: 100% 
Percentage of Communal Areas with an Asbestos Management Survey which have been reinspected in line with the agreed frequency: 100% 
Number of electrical checks completed: 100% 
Number of Gas safety checks completed on time: 100% 
Percentage of repairs completed at the first visit: (Right First Time) 98.53% 
Percentage of Emergency Repairs (U) completed on time: 99.86% 
Percentage of homes kept safe: 100%  
Customer satisfaction percentage: 98.7%
Average time taken to re-let dwellings (all re-lets): 16.4 days 
Number of properties re-let: 663 


Ensuring your neighbourhood is safe and tidy is essential to living happily in your home. Here's how we performed over the past year:
Neighbourhoods maintained to a good or excellent standard - 98.91%  
Satisfaction with SHG as a Landlord – 98.76%
Greenspace satisfaction: 90%
Number of Trees Planted: 598 x 4 metre trees 
Gardening Competition Entries: 33

Anti-Social Behaviour

Number of customers satisfied with their ASB case: 482 (96.02%)
Number of customers satisfied with their neighbourhood: 3422 (96.42%)


Our Carecall service remains an essential service for those living independently, giving you peace of mind that support is always there.

Amount of calls made: 167,073 
Amount of calls received: 165,963 
Number of new clients: 998
Emergency Home Visits: 5,336


Number of people prevented from being homeless: 559
Number of relief duties accepted: 576

Customer Feedback

Number of complaints received: 361
Number of compliments received: 258
Number of complaints resolved within 10 days: 350 
Customer satisfaction with handling complaints: 56%

Marketing & Communication

Twitter Impressions: 456,900
Twitter Link Clicks: 786
Twitter Replies: 754

Facebook page reach: 134,292
Instagram reach: 11,065

Twitter following grew from 7,935 to 8,162
Facebook following grew from 6,067 to 6,592
Instagram following grew from 1,347 to 1,476

Employment and Training

Number of Kickstarter placements / apprenticeships / internships: 27 apprenticeships, Kickstarter placements and graduates employed across 22/23 
Customers moved into employment: 280 
Training delivered: 154 sessions with 1134 attendees – 637 were employment related training  
Health and wellbeing sessions delivered: 317 attendees