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Annual Gardening Competition 2020 Winners Announced

Posted 07 October 2020   |   By Teina Ryynanen

Over thirty entries were made, with prizes of vouchers for first, second and third in each category to the value of £50, £30 and £20 respectively. Vouchers worth £400 were up for grabs for the Best in Borough award.

Martin Cassidy was named the deserving winner of the Best in Borough award, as judges were impressed with the huge amount of work and dedication he puts into his garden. Martyn’s passion and story behind his love of gardening is reflected in the immaculate garden with wonderful blooms and beautifully trimmed grass areas.

“I have been feeling blue because of Covid and not able to have people around. When somebody then tells you that you have the best garden in borough, it really lifted my spirits up. I am bit OCD with my garden and sometimes see only the faults with it so getting recognition from the judges really means a lot to me.”

Martin received his winning certificates alongside with £300 in vouchers. The price money is going to be spent on a new Bonsai tree.

Jenny Osbourne, Chair of the Board, Stockport Homes, said:

“With the strange year that 2020 has been and the increased time people spend at home, the importance of gardening and its mental health benefits is only highlighted in these difficult times. Thank you to everyone who took part and congratulations to all our winners!"

List of Winners in each category:

Best in Borough
Martin Cassidy

Best Garden      
1st - Martin Cassidy

2nd - Jason Millward

3rd - Val Murrey

Best Container

1st - Jason Millward

2nd- Kath Hardman

3rd - Mr and Mrs Tumblety

Best Communal               

1st - Jean Simpson, Edgeley Road

2nd - Joyce Reilly, Grey Close

3rd - Paul Brown, Tamford Green

Best Fruit and Vegetable             

1st - Jason Millward

2nd - Linda Stead

3rd - Roy Porter

Gardening Competition Vouchers To Winner
Martin Cassidy Garden Competition Winner
Best In Borough 1
Best In Borough 2
Best Vegetable Garden
Communal Garden
Best Containers
Best Communal 2


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Page last reviewed 14/10/2020