There are over 6,000 people registered with Homechoice, and each property we advertise can have over 300 bids on it, meaning even if you have a significant requirement for housing, you may not be successful in applying with us. 

However, your chances of being successful can increase depending on the type of property you are bidding for and the area in which it is located. This is because we have more of some types of home than others, and different numbers of people applying for them. 

If you are already registered, you can bid on available homes by going to the Homechoice website. 

Type of property you are more likely to be offered
  • 2- and 3-bedroom multi-storey blocks 
  • Maisonettes (flats on two levels above the ground floor) 
  • Studio flats (often called bedsits) 
Type of property you are least likely to be offered
  • Houses 
  • One-bedroom flats 
  • Bungalows 
  • Two-bedroom ground floor flats
Areas you are most likely to be offered a home in

All parts of Stockport are very popular, but in some places, we have more homes than others. This means you are more likely to be offered a home in these areas: 

  • Brinnington 
  • Lancashire Hill 
  • Adswood