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Employment Support Videos

Have you lost your job recently? Have you considered retraining for a new role? Do you need help with preparing for interviews?

Chris, our Customer Training Officer, has created some helpful videos, which you can view from the links below, to guide you through some employment processes. The topics include Communication Skills, Transferable skills, Preparing for an interview and Interview Techniques.

In addition to these videos, there are some that discuss about critical thinking, resilience & stoicism.

This SFL+ video looks at what meetings are, why we have them and how they work.

This Stockport Homes SFL+ video introduces some of the key concepts behind project management. It is aimed at people looking to manage small/ community projects.

This video introduces the skills and concepts involved in working effectively with other people as part of a team.

This video gives you tips for a good video interview, which have now become the 'new normal'.

Wanting to make a good first impression? This video gives you tips for better ways of communicating.

This video is to support people who may be looking for work after the period of self-isolation finishes. It looks at what skills people may already have that are attractive to prospective employers.

This video includes Chris' ten top tips for preparing for a job interview.

This video covers what you should do, and not do, during a job interview.

This video is introducing the Employment Team and how they can help you.

This video is talking about critical thinking - is it possible to learn how to think better about situations?

What is resilience? This video talks about how the develop the skills to be more resilient and how it can improve your life.

This video talks about stoicism and how it links to resilience, to help you to deal with any hardship in your life.

If you would like to contact our Employment Support Team, please phone on 0161 474 3773 or email us on





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Page last reviewed 11/08/2020
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