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Consultation about services for older people

Significant resources are committed to supporting residents in sheltered housing schemes but these represent only a small proportion of older customers. Stockport Homes manages nine sheltered housing schemes (264 units) and one Extra Care Scheme (17 units) while a further 528 ‘Category 1’ properties are designated as ‘60+’ and attached to the CareCall Monitoring Service. Profiling of the wider customer body, however, demonstrates that 26.6 per cent of households in the properties we manage are headed by someone aged 65 years or older, with by far the largest concentration of older tenants being in the wards of Brinnington and Central, Offerton and Reddish South.

Stockport Homes Older Persons Strategy outlines our vision for addressing the current and future housing and support needs of older people. A key action within the Older Persons Strategy Action Plan is to consider how existing resources could be utilised more effectively to deliver services on a wider footing, with specific emphasis on reviewing the resources committed to the Sheltered Scheme Manager Service and strengthening opportunities for more collaborative working with staff delivering Adaptations (the majority of which are for older people).

Consultation with staff and residents is currently underway on proposals for a team which would deliver these functions in a more co-ordinated and collaborative way across all Stockport Homes’ properties. This would also include resources for the housing management of all older persons accommodation, providing tenants with a more streamlined and responsive service and reducing the risk of duplication.

Under the proposal, all sheltered schemes would retain an on-site service but the Sheltered Scheme Manager role would be replaced by Independent Living Co-Ordinators, with a broader range of responsibilities and duties, and Independent Living Assistants, who would develop a range of activities and events within a broad geographical area and also provide cover at schemes in the absence of the Co-Ordinator. A number of new Outreach roles would also deliver services to older people in the wider community, addressing social isolation and helping older people to sustain their independence.

For more information please contact Anne-Marie Heil, Head of Independent Living on 0161 474 3720 or email 


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Page last reviewed 11/02/2019