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Wellbeing and Independence at home

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WIN is a network of three main services which will provide practical help to adults who would otherwise find it difficult to organise the support they need to remain independent and well. WIN will provide a tailored support for people whose needs are very specific.

This assistance is aimed specifically at:

  • Older people
  • People with a wide range of disabilities or poor mobility
  • Carers

Users of the service may be either overcoming a sudden event or illness or they may need short-term help to live a normal and independent life or to stop a crisis from happening. Read case studies and more information in our WIN brochure.

It will provide short-term support or help people to organise longer-term arrangements to do things like:

  • Shopping
  • Maintaining and cleaning their home
  • Gardening
  • Home safety checks
  • Help with improving fuel efficiency and the warmth of a house

For more information, visit the WIN website or call 0161 480 1211 or 07584 394 842 if out of hours.

  • Wellbeing and independence at home

    This service focuses on support in and around someone’s home environment. It is designed to enable people to continue to enjoy to live in their own homes, independently and safely.

    It will provide short-term support or help people to organise longer-term arrangements to do things like: 

    • shopping
    • maintaining and cleaning their home
    • gardening 

    It will also do home safety checks, looking at improving fuel efficiency and the warmth of a house. 

    It may also suggest the need for aids and adaptations which make a home easier and safer to live in as people’s needs change. 

    It is provided jointly by Age UK and Stockport Homes and will be prioritised towards people who are overcoming acute or sudden changes in their circumstances.

  • Independent living and wellbeing in the community

    Having a good quality of life, which is fulfilling and enjoyable, is an important part of independent living. This service will support people to take part in a wide variety of social, civic, leisure, learning, work or volunteering opportunities, where they would otherwise find it very difficult to get involved because of physical or emotional ill-health, a physical or sensory disability, or caring responsibilities for instance. 

    It will help people to identify how they would like to become more socially active and involved in their communities and even use their own life skills and experience to help other people. 

    It will play a part in reducing social isolation and loneliness which is known to undermine health and wellbeing. Appropriate support will be given to help people to take part from a partnership of experienced, local organisations. These are: 

    • PURE Innovations
    • Disability Stockport
    • Stockport Homes.
  • Wellbeing and independence through community transport

    Transport is an important component in how we organise our lives. Reliable, accessible, affordable and flexible transport can make a positive contribution to people’s independence, especially as they age, become less mobile or acquire a physical or sensory disability. 

    This community transport service is being provided by two experienced local organisations, Stockport Car Schemes and Easy Go community transport, which will include group and individual travel in cars and small buses. 

    It will organise and provide journeys for adults who are unable to use public transport to places as diverse as hairdressers and care homes, for reasons which could include visiting family, social events, rehabilitative exercise, doing laundry and shopping.



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Page last reviewed 11/02/2019