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Older person's activities

If you are over 50 and you want to meet new people, learn new skills and get involved within your local community, why not come along to one of our events. You can view all the over 50s events in our events calendar 

You can book on any of the events and everyone is welcome so tell your friends! 

For more information, please contact us on 0161 474 4291.

Customer case studies

  • Dot Harrison

    Older lady in kitchen cooking

    Last year Dot was feeling isolated, unhappy in her local community and really wanted to exchange her flat and move to another sheltered scheme.

    Dot started to get involved with Stockport Homes activities when she came to one of the games nights at her scheme. She quickly began to build new friendships and met other people from the local community.

    Dot began volunteering with more social events and helps out in the kitchen. She is also now acting treasurer of the tenants and residents association and has helped with funding applications.

    Dot has built lots of friendships and befriends and supports other tenants. She has decided not to exchange her flat and feels happy in her home.

    Dot said:

    Being involved in activities has given me a purpose to get up every morning. I don’t have much spare time now and have a great social life. I look forward to getting my over 50’s newsletter and seeing what I can sign up for next.

    Dot Harrison, Age 71, Cheadle

  • Phil Clare

    Older man sat in armchair

    When Phil moved into his sheltered scheme in March 2015 he was suffering health problems and felt very isolated. After only two days at the scheme he had a heart attack. When he got back from hospital he started eating healthier and getting involved with Stockport Homes’ social events.

    Phil has attended Tech Buddy IT training at a local school and swimming sessions for people with disabilities. He now takes part in walking football every Friday on a weekly basis.

    All the social events have made a huge difference to Phil’s physical and emotional wellbeing and his family are amazed at the transformation and the confidence he has gained.

    Phil said:

    I have so much more confidence and feel like a different person to this time last year. I have lost over 60kg in weight. I am so grateful for everyone who has helped me. Social activities have given me a reason to get up in the morning and now I have something to look forward to.

    Phil Clare, Age 67, Cheadle

Senior Shakers event 

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Page last reviewed 14/11/2018