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Reporting a change of circumstances to Universal Credit

If you have a change in your circumstances, it’s really important you report this as soon as possible to prevent you being under- or over-paid Universal Credit. It also ensures your claimant commitment continues to be suitable based on your circumstances and to make sure you don’t break your claimant commitment, for example if you become too ill to work. It’s usually not possible to get changes backdated if you’re late reporting them so you could miss out on money by not reporting changes quickly. The types of changes you’ll be able to report are:

  • your rent going up or down
  • moving to a new address
  • changing your bank details
  • finding or finishing a job
  • changes to your earnings (only if you’re self-employed)
  • people joining or leaving your household, such as having a baby, a partner moving in or leaving or children leaving home
  •  starting to care for a child or disabled person
  • changes to your health condition
  • becoming too ill to work or meet your work coach

If the change of circumstances isn’t listed, you should still add a note to your journal to notify your work coach of the change.

Click here to view the step by step guide to reporting a change of circumstances to Universal Credit.

Click here to view the leaflet on reporting a change of circumstances to Universal Credit.


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Page last reviewed 19/05/2021
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