At Stockport Homes, we strive to make sure that customers feel supported and valued with accessible services that matter to them. Our commitment to giving customers a voice and inputting feedback has led to some amazing outcomes throughout the past 12 months, and we've listed just a handful below. 

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Stockport Homes Website

Derek, Pam & Bob, Customer Scrutiny Panel Members:

"This year, we have been really pleased with the new Stockport Homes website. Over 1,500 customers have been involved in the design and build process, and we even had a say in choosing the supplier. It is now much easier to find information, report a repair and contact the team. The new website helps if you have accessibility issues and it also has a chatbot, making it much easier to find answers to any questions you may have.  
Based on 67% of survey respondents agreeing a chatbot function would be useful, ‘Webster’ the chatbot was launched in 2021. The chatbot currently answers 85% of queries online without the need to speak to someone. The Introduction of a blog area to share more tenant stories has had a positive impact." 

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Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy

Customers were invited to give their feedback on Stockport Homes’ Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Strategy, which will run from 2022 – 2025, to help steer priorities towards what is important to them and what they feel a safe and secure neighbourhood should look like.  

You said:Details for who to contact for additional support should be made available on this letter. Treat hate crime as an education thing in the first instance."  

We Did:
Opportunities have been created for group collaboration with Stockport Homes on the review of the Hate Crime Policy. All customers also received a feedback infographic, summarising what we learnt from their feedback and what our actions would be to address areas for improvement.  


Decorating Vouchers

SHG aim to help customers create a sustainable tenancy and recognise that in exceptional circumstances, some tenants may need additional help in decorating their home, originally offering £130 B&Q Vouchers to support customers with this.   

You said: “81% of respondents said they had a positive experience with the current decorating voucher scheme offered by B&Q, though there were some doubts with the current package as there is no free delivery option.  

We did: The decorating voucher has been enhanced to offer customers a choice between B&Q vouchers or a new alternative service available through Johnstones (PPG) who offer a free home delivery service for all paint packs and the ability to order from store or by phone. 

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Building Safety Panel

John Cairns Quote (Building Safety Resident Panel Member)

“I have been working with other residents to work alongside Stockport Homes to develop a booklet for residents around Building Safety. It is a small “easy to read” version of the Resident Engagement Strategy requested of landlords. We have also looked at any safety related communications being sent out to customers and offered our views on what needs to change to make them more customer friendly. 

A customer working group is in the process of creating a Building Safety Residents Panel, which will start in September 2022. Customers have decided every element of the panel and I hope that it will improve the performance of services at Stockport Homes and ensure that residents know their rights and responsibilities.” 

Get involved  

As an organisation committed to inclusion, diversity and accessibility, Stockport Homes really values your feedback, and there are many opportunities to get involved and influence the services we deliver for you, our customers. Find out more about how to get involved on our website:  

Customer Voice