We at Stockport Homes want to ensure that everyone feels safe in their homes and our Safer Neighbourhoods team have been utilizing new CCTV camera to combat anti-social behavior. 

In the Gatsby area, we have recently received a number of complaints of serious anti-social behavior, including aggressive and intimidation, fires, large gatherings, and drunken rowdy behavior lasting until the early hours. Along with numerous other reported issues, the Safer Neighbourhoods team has been able to utilize new CCTV cameras to monitor this behavior remotely as a deterrent and to gather evidence to take action against those involved in causing alarm, harassment, and distress to the community. Working with residents and councilors the device was installed on a nearby building to monitor the area in the hope of gathering evidence.

Responding to customers and taking action to improve the safety of customers, and residents is paramount and behavior such as what has been reported must be challenged with swift action. The Rapid Deployment Cameras we hope can be placed on columns and buildings to gather evidence to support complaints and offer a deterrent for those involved that our eyes are watching.

The Safer Neighbourhoods team offers a number of systems as well as noise recording techniques for noise complaints to consider action or disprove complaints.

Within Woodley the Safer Neighbourhoods team has Worked with Greater Manchester Police, Stockport Council, Local businesses, and residents, there is a current need for upgrading the camera system in the Woodley Precinct, which requires significant investment, but is currently suffering a number of incidents with youth nuisance and anti-social behavior.  Stockport Homes is supporting this by installing systems in properties in the immediate vicinity to support investigations for those identified as being involved in these complaints whilst a long-term resolution is found. 

We are committed to combating Anti-Social Behavior and ensuring that our residents feel safe. If you or someone that you know is experiencing Anti-Social Behaviour then please report this using the following page link