The Safer Neighbourhoods team has been working with customers to support them in the difficult process of securing court orders. 

Further to initial work in May this year and an adjourned hearing, they were able to successfully support an applicant in the capacity of a McKenzie Friend in securing a full order under section.42 of the Family Law Act 1996.

A number of conditions are attached to this full order which if breached require the Police to arrest as per the order and the legislation, providing security and protection to the customer. 

The team is very happy to have supported the customer, who was very reluctant, anxious, and worried about entering the court but was brave enough to see the judge and see the process through with a great result given the circumstances. 

This is a great result for the Domestic Abuse services that are offered within the Safer Neighbourhoods Team and demonstrates with reassurance, persistence, and dedication a great result can be achieved, looking forward to updating you about more positive results like this for customers experiencing this abhorrent crime.