In today’s increasingly digital world, let’s ‘Stand Up and Speak Out’ for unity. We’re all part of this interconnected world, with content accessible at the click of a button. It’s our shared responsibility to champion digital inclusion. 

The 13th - 17th of November 2023 marks Recite Me’s Accessibility To Me Awareness Week, a key date in our calendar where we celebrate accessibility and share with others how we can champion inclusion. 

This year’s theme is ‘Stand Up, Speak Out’, where businesses across the globe are sharing what accessibility means to them and how they are being inclusive. 

Stockport Homes believes that everyone should have access to a voice and a place in our interconnected society. 

With the help of Recite Me assistive technology, we provide a unique and customisable user experience on our website. You can choose from a range of tools including, text-to-speech functionality, customisable styling options, reading aids, and a translation tool that boasts over 100 languages, including 65 text-to-speech voices. 

With over 1 billion people worldwide who live with some form of disability or impairment, it is vital that we prioritise inclusivity. 

Together with Recite Me we are on a mission to create an inclusive digital world, in total Recite Me is used on over 5,000 websites and we are thrilled to embark on this journey with them. 

Accessibility is important to us as it provides all users with equal access and opportunities, regardless of their individual circumstances. We are committed to online accessibility and this can be achieved with the use of the Recite Me Accessibility Checker and Assistive Toolbar.