To ensure the safety of the tenants of our homes we utilize everything that we have such as implementing CCTV that allows for extensive coverage of an area. 

One example of this is the recent installation Rapid Deployment Camera installation for customers in the Reddish area. 

This is an installation to support pending injunction action to protect customers from reported drug-related activities, intimidating incidents of unknown persons wearing balaclavas, loud music, dog-related incidents with a near attack on resident and their dogs, and suspected tenancy fraud. Working closely with Greater Manchester Police it is hoped crucial evidence will be obtained for positive action. We believe this installation will greatly benefit the area and our customers dealing with Anti-social behavior incidents with clear evidence and deterrence. 

RDC cameras provide CCTV footage that serves as valuable evidence in identifying individuals involved in ASB, helping our officers take effective action against suspects and prosecute them effectively.

At Stockport Homes Group we are immensely proud to be able to deploy such resources as a commitment to making neighborhoods safe and support customers who commit to providing crucial statements.