Following a devastating fire which occured last year at a Stockport Homes property, a customer was left without a home and all his belongings had been destroyed, including irreplaceable memories of his late wife.

When things were at their lowest, one person shone through and supported the customer through a devastating period - Jo Richardson, Neighbourhood Housing Manager.

The customer’s daughter has praised Jo for her overwhelming support, she said:

“Jo has consistently stayed in touch with our family whether in person, phone calls or emails. Jo has kept me, and my father fully informed throughout this terrible period, we as a family cannot praise her enough for her compassion, understanding and general human kindness during this dreadful time.”

“Your housing officer has been fantastic throughout this awful period in my elderly father's life, Jo has seriously without doubt given the smile and general human kindness back to my father's life” 

But this wasn’t just the effort of one person, teams from across Stockport Homes worked together to ensure the customers property was repaired and brought back to life, with a new kitchen, bathroom and brand-new carpet fitted and furniture donated by the recycling team.

The daughter went on to say: “Also, I would like to give a huge thankyou to all the managers/team in rebuilding my father's bungalow and in retrospect rebuilding his life and memory of my late mother.”

This truly shows how one team can transform a life.