Ensuring our customers stay safe has always been a top priority for us, by providing guidance we can help to keep you safe.

Over the past year we have seen a big increase in disrepair claims, customers have every right to claim for disrepair, but we want to make sure customers are getting the best service and don’t end up out of pocket, especially during a time when more people are struggling with the cost of living.

These companies operate by cold calling, leaflets and social media to encourage tenants to pursue claims against their landlord for disrepair.  We are aware that in some cases, these companies have not been working within the rules by posing as employees of Stockport Homes Group and failing to explain the potential consequences of starting a claim and later wanting to withdraw it, which can include liability for legal fees.  They will then encourage you to sign a form that they suggest will speed up the repairs and require us to pay you compensation.

In many cases, tenants will find themselves with legal costs to pay even if they later withdraw their claim.

Over the past couple of months, we will have received nearly £50,000 in settlement fees after a Judge ruled in our favour over Disrepair Claims across Stockport, now either the customer or their solicitors will have to pay Stockport Homes the money owed.

We would encourage customers to follow these steps:

  • Go through our complaints team before going through a legal firm, we have a dedicated complaints team which can be contacted by calling 0161 474 2600
  • If you do decide to go through a legal firm, make sure you read the small print, as you may be liable to pay the fees if you don’t win the case or later wish to withdraw.

Stockport Homes Group wants to ensure that all its tenants are safe and well-informed. If anybody attends your property claiming to be an employee of Stockport Homes Group, please ensure that you request to see their Stockport Homes Group ID.  Look at it closely. Also, please ensure that you fully understand what you are being asked to sign.


What to do if you want to make a complaint

Stockport Homes has a dedicated Customer Feedback Team who deal with complaints that come into the organisation.  These staff have completed specific training to ensure that they are aware of the best practice in dealing with complaints and in listening skills to fully understand your complaint.

The Customer Feedback Team will often contact you to ensure we fully understand the issues you are raising and the remedy that you want.  The Customer Feedback Team will either;

  • Investigate your complaint themselves.
  • Request that a manager investigates the complaint.

The Customer Feedback Team will monitor complaints to make sure they are replied to in timescale, have responded to all the issues you have raised and meet the quality standards that we expect.

You can contact the team by;

  • Use the online form.
  • Emailing [email protected]
  • Telephoning 0161 474 2600
  • Visiting us at Cornerstone, our head office building which at 1-3 Edward Street, Stockport, SK1 3NQ.