Devices for people on low incomes

With the rising cost of living, Community Computers are reducing the cost of refurbished devices throughout May, to further support people living on low income who are struggling to get online:

  • Laptops from £79 (usual price £99)
  • Desktop PCs from £59 (usual price £69)

To buy a low-cost device, call 0161 476 2777 or visit Renewal North West in Shaw Heath.

Community Computers are part of DigiKnow, a network of organisations and community groups helping people in Stockport get online. They refurbish and recycle donated IT equipment and use parts from recycled donations to maintain the DigiKnow Device Library, which loans devices for free to Stockport residents who are unable to get online.

To borrow a device from the DigiKnow library, or for any help getting online, call the DigiKnow Helpline on 07537 127 095 or visit the DigiKnow web pages