Last week was full of glitz, glamour, and most of all celebration as we hosted our annual Customer Star Awards. The awards recognise our customer’s personal achievements and the dedication and passion of community groups across Stockport.

This year, over 55 nominations were made for individuals and groups across eight categories.

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone nominated! 

And the winners are….

The Twilight Arabic Café  - Diversity & Inclusion Award

This group really stood out by overcoming language barriers, championing, and bringing together the different communities in the area through food and empowering women. They are really going above and beyond and their personal stories and increase in confidence since they started was inspirational. Very impressive! 

Culture Bridge MCR - Diversity & Inclusion Award Special Recognition

It was great to see a proactive approach to celebrating different cultures. This group are multigenerational, multicultural, and far reaching. It was inspiring to see such a wide range of activities, skills and support offered through the group and offering inclusive events to support building trust and bringing cultures together. 

Webb Lane Allotments - Support in the Community Award

We especially liked the combination of a warm space with the allotment, brilliant idea! The group have extended out into the wider community, sharing their learning, and helping other groups. The range of work the group are doing, coupled with the reach that they have and the impact they are making is phenomenal. 

Get Onside Well-Being Football - Support in the Community Award Special Recognition

We loved how inclusive and accessible this group was in addition to tackling mental and physical health and social isolation. We liked the addition of members being able to attend Stockport Town matches, getting out and doing things with new people. It was great to see a new sports team, and the approach to making everyone welcome, we are looking forward to seeing how this develops! 

Donnamarie Roughneen - Personal Achievement Award Special Recognition

She is using her own experience within the wider community, giving back to help others. Her increase in her confidence is huge, stepping up to prevent the loss of a local outlet for those suffering with low mood and anxiety, having a real positive impact, overcoming challenges, and showing true resilience. 

Scott Millward - Personal Achievement Award Special Recognition

Scott is shining a light on men and mental health by embracing and sharing his experience with others. Overcoming big life challenges, he has gone on to inspire others, becoming a role model. What a journey! Great to see such a positive transformation, a very powerful nomination! 

Ian Gardiner - Inspirational Volunteer Award

Ian’s impact is multigenerational, he wears many volunteer hats, supporting other allotments and having a borough wide impact. Ian really is a community champion, being involved in all levels of community work is inspiring – he gives a lot of his time to making Stockport a great place to live. 

Liz Ward - Inspirational Volunteer Award Special Recognition

There was a real sense of community within this nomination, Liz has created a safe and friendly space all whilst facing her own health issues. The group is affordable and accessible, bringing people together through art, and the work Liz does to be inclusive deserves to be recognised. 

Brinnington Big Local - Community Group of the Year

This group have produced real tangible outcomes, and their passion shines through! They have empowered others, linking to the wider community and have strength in multigroup partnerships. It’s great to see this group going from strength to strength and making a real difference in their community. 

Woodley & Bredbury Community Garden - Community Group of the Year Special Recognition 

This is a multigenerational group, tackling mental health, which is so important. The group have created a beautiful community space and have shown extraordinary resilience in the face of setbacks. The judges loved the intergenerational aspect of this group, giving something back to future generations and instilling ownership. 

Woodley & Bredbury Community Neighbours - Community Group of the Year Special Recognition

This group are a key link in their community, bringing residents and organisations together, and resolving problems themselves. We also loved the community phone line, great for isolated people in the community and fantastic to see local groups working together and supporting each other! 

Congratulations to all the winners at the Customer Star Awards last night, your work to improve and make Stockport a better place to live is a huge achievement and you should all be proud of the work you do. It was an honour to meet all the customers nominated, thank you for your dedication and hard work. I hope you all enjoyed the evening and celebrated your achievements, once again congratulations to everyone nominated and to the winners.

Jenny Osbourne, Chair of Stockport Homes Board