Our Safer Neighbourhoods team recently completed the successful installation of Rapid Deployment Cameras in the Wythenshawe area of Manchester on behalf of Your Housing Group. This initiative was driven by effective communication with residents who have been reporting criminal activities and anti-social behavior. With collaboration and input from Stockport Homes Group, we have strategically placed Rapid Deployment Cameras within the community to provide residents with a sense of security and to capture evidence of concerning activities.

By engaging in consultations with the community, we have identified suitable locations, harnessed power from existing columns, and strategically elevated the cameras for optimal visibility. This approach ensures comprehensive CCTV coverage, enhancing our ability to monitor and address issues affecting the well-being of residents.

We take pride in being sought out by registered providers to contribute to anti-social behavior investigations. Our commitment extends to providing high-quality equipment that supports the collection of valuable evidence, furthering our mission to create safer and more secure neighborhoods.