Ask Webster the Stockport Homes' chatbot

Do you have a question regarding Stockport Homes but can't find the relevant page to find this on?

This is where out chatbot webster is here to help, just click on the icon in the bottom right of any page on the site and this will bring up the webster chatbot. 

Type away any questions about the website and where to find information, Webster will be there to help. 

Webster is here to help you find the answers to your queries on our website. You can ask anything from ‘how do I apply for a home?’ to ‘when are the next rent-free weeks? and webster will search our website in record time and direct you to the information you need. 

Webster is here on the website 24/7, 365 days a year, so it doesn’t matter if it’s an evening, weekend or bank holiday you can ask any questions and get an answer. 

Don’t worry if your query is more complicated! If webster can’t answer it, then you will be directed to the One Number Team so you can chat live to a member of the team (during office hours) or get a member of the team to contact you when they are back in.