Eyes Wide Open Approach Tackles Drug Dealers

Following concerns raised by residents, and also from what was witnessed by the ASB Officer for Lancashire Hill, intelligence was provided to GMP relating to suspected drug supply on the estate and also cases of suspected exploitation and “cuckooing” of vulnerable residents.

On Monday 14th March 2022 Police Officers from GMP’s Operation Challenger executed warrants at three properties in Lancashire Hill and eight arrests were made. Large quantities of Class-A & Class-B drugs, cash and counterfeit currency were seized from these properties. Also seized from one property was documentation and bank cards in the names of other Lancashire Hill residents.SHG is committed to tackling crime and ASB in all its neighbourhoods and work closely with partners agencies, like GMP and the Council, on a daily basis. It’s this close partnership working that brings about positive outcomes and help create safer, sustainable communities. The outcomes in this particular case are testament to the resilience of the good residents living on Lancashire Hill who stand up to those who cause ASB and to the tenacity of the ASB Officer for the estate and the #eyeswideopen approach which, together with strong partnership working, is key in keeping SHGs residents and communities safe.

SHG and its partners are all working towards the same goal of making our communities as safe as they can possibly be. Tenants and residents of our Borough have the right to live without the suffering the fear and misery that crime and anti-social behaviour can bring. Working together we can make greater use of our pooled resources and together we can come up with exciting and innovative solutions to the issues facing our communities.

John Bowker, Executive Director of Operations

Injunction secure to protect staff from violence

On the 9th March 2022, reports were received from a contactor, that a member of their staff had been subjected to serious threats of violence from a tenant whilst trying to complete repair works in a neighbouring void property. The ASB Service were informed and statements were taken immediately to ascertain exactly what happened. Due to the nature of the incident and the threats made, Stockport Homes applied for a without notice injunction against the tenant, as it was felt there was a significant risk of harm to the contractor if they returned to complete the repair works. An application to the County Court was made the same day and representatives for Stockport Homes later attended court for a hearing and secured the injunction order.

The injunction was served on the tenant and prohibited him from causing nuisance or annoyance to the contractor or any other employee of Stockport Homes and also prohibited threatening or abusive conduct. A power of arrest was attached to the order and breaching it means the tenant could face being committed to prison. The injunction has meant that protection was in place for contractors whilst they continued with their work on the void property.

Staff and contractors have the right to work safely and SHG does not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour towards them or its customers. Stockport Homes is committed to tackling ASB and will use all legal tools and powers available to us, when appropriate, to protect customers, contractors and staff from harm.

John Bowker, Executive Director of Operations