Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes involving an independent, impartial, third party – the mediators. It provides a safe, structured and positive environment for people in dispute to come to a mutually acceptable agreement and better understanding of each other. ADR Mediation & Training CIC offers mediation in the following areas – neighbour, community, family relationships and workplace.


Once a referral is received, we contact the parties to arrange an initial visit where we discuss the issues and how they would like to resolve the situation. If all agree, the parties will attend a joint meeting at a neutral venue to talk about what has happened, how they would like to move the situation forward and to reach an agreement. We aim to complete mediation cases within 6 weeks, however this will be discussed with you upon receipt of the referral.


Mediation is a proven method of dispute resolution which can save those involved time, money and heartache by avoiding the need for lengthy court proceedings and empowering individuals to find their own solutions. Please take some time to review our collection of case studies below for the chance to see some individual scenarios in which mediation has successfully resolved difficult issues. In all cases, mediation has significantly improved the lives of those involved.

Understanding Mediation

Mediation allows you to take control of your situation and resolve it.

The mediation process:

An initial session will take place at a time convenient for you to discuss the situation from your point of view. This will involve:
1. An introduction by the mediators to explain their role and the mediation process
2. An opportunity for you to explore ideas regarding the conflict and potential resolutions

The mediators will not repeat anything said in this session to the other party. Following that initial session, you don’t need to agree to anything that you’re not comfortable with. You can talk to the mediator again before anything happens. They will be there to listen to you and will work with you to create a way forward that everyone is happy with.

"Things are great. We are not only being civil with each other, but we are now friends. I am so grateful that I chose the mediation service, and I can’t thank you enough." Tenant

Mediation changes lives

Not only is mediation incredibly effective at resolving disputes, it also:
• Prevents issues resurfacing
• Creates new, healthy relationships
• Increases confidence and improves mental health
Ultimately, mediation can remove the problems in your life and set you up for a brighter future.Choose happy. Choose mediation.
Remember, all you need to commit to at first is that initial session with the mediator. How you proceed from there is up to you.

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