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Helping you to improve your credit score

Posted 02 March 2016   |   Tagged rent

We think you should get credit for paying your rent on time

Have you ever been refused credit because your credit score isn’t good enough? Did you know that paying your rent on time doesn't count towards your credit rating? Well we don’t think that’s fair.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Big Issue to support the ‘Rental Exchange’ project.

The project is run by Experian – they’re the UK’s biggest credit reference agency and we think that by teaming up with them, we can help you to build a better credit profile.

Why do I want a good credit score?

We think tenants who pay rent should be able to use that to build up a good credit profile. If you were paying a mortgage it would count – but at the moment, your rent doesn’t.

A good credit score can be really useful for things like:

  • Opening and changing bank accounts
  • Getting a better deal on your mobile phone contract
  • Getting better deals on your gas and electric
  • Preventing identity fraud

What happens next?

We will share your tenancy information with Experian, including your rent history. But don’t worry - both Stockport Homes and Experian will make sure that your information is treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act, so you can have peace of mind that it will be kept secure and confidential.

What do I have to do?

The great news is – you don’t need to do anything! We’ll sort it all for you.

I’m struggling with my finances

We know lots of people are struggling with their finances at the moment. That’s ok – there are plenty of people who can help, our Money Advice Team are here to help – you can call them on 0161 217 6016.

Got more questions?

We believe that the Rental Exchange has benefits for most of our tenants. If you’re not sure, or you have any questions please contact the Customer Finance Team on 0161 217 6016.


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