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Stay safe this winter

Posted 10 December 2018

Our top fire safety tips when you're at home this winter

Whether you're celebrating a birthday party, New Year's Eve or a religious festival, stay safe when you have people in your home by thinking ahead.

• If you are putting a Christmas tree up, be careful not to overload your plug sockets – this can be incredibly dangerous

• Make sure that your portable heaters are switched off before going to bed or leaving the property. Also keep heaters clear from curtains and furniture by at least 3 foot

• Putting up your fairy lights? Be careful you do not leave cables trailing across the floor where they can be tripped over. Also keep them away from water, cookers or other sources of heat

• Top 3 candle safety tips:

1. Never leave a candle unattended and remember to blow it out before you go to sleep

2. Always place candles on a heat resistant surface. Tealights can melt plastic surfaces such as the top of a TV or side of a bath

3. Burn all candles well out of reach of children or pets

• Using a heated blanket? Unplug it before you get into bed, unless it has a thermostat control for safe all-night use. Store blankets flat, rolled up or loosely folded to prevent damaging the wiring

• Don’t forget to unplug your fairy lights when you leave the house or go to bed

• Always keep candles away from things that might catch fire, like Christmas trees, greeting cards, ribbons and other decorations

• Ensure matches and lighters are returned to a safe place once candles have been lit

• Check fairy lights are in good working order and replace any bulbs that blow. Don’t let the bulbs touch anything that can burn easily, such as paper or fabrics

• Make sure the fuse in the plug is the right size (always check the box for advice)

You can book a Home Safety Check or for further free home safety advice please call Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue on Freephone 0800 555 815 or visit You can also speak with your Housing Officer for more information.

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Page last reviewed 10/12/2018