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Real people, true stories

Posted 13 September 2017

We're taking part in Housing Day 217 which recognises 'real people, true stories.'

As part of the day, we have pulled together some examples of our customers who have real stories to share.

Select a story below to read more about it. 

  • Charlotte

    Charlotte wanted to find a way to furnish it that was both affordable but would give her a safe haven for her young family to grow up in. Her desire to create a warm, friendly home for her young family to grow up in led her to the Furniture Station. The Furniture Station offers a range of affordable furniture from wardrobes and beds to kitchen and coffee tables.

    Charlotte said, “some people may not see the furniture at the Furniture Station as useable or attractive as it's not flat-packed, but it is good quality furniture that, with a bit of work, can be transformed into something more.”

    Charlotte started to 'upcycle' the furniture by working tirelessly through the night sanding down old tables and cabinets back to their original wood. From here, she gave them a new lease of life with vibrant colours and smart styling.

    “It is an addictive hobby now,” Charlotte said, “I’m able to see more potential in the things I see and feel myself getting more creative and willing to try something different.

    “This isn’t something I would have considered but the Furniture Station could not have been more helpful."

    Charlotte and her family are proud of the place they call home.

  • Paul

    Everything changed for Paul in 2014. Having worked for 17 years, he suddenly found himself out of work with no idea what lay ahead. He lost his tenancy and became homeless.

    “When it stops, it can get to you,” said Paul as he remembered the past, “it isn’t much fun sat in the four walls of your room but that’s why I needed a change and a goal.”

    With support from his project worker, Paul began to volunteer. “Honestly, I can’t thank everyone enough because volunteering has made such a positive difference to me.

    “I’ve picked it up more in the last year, the volunteering. It is such a great way to keep me occupied. The biggest step for me was in January when the Furniture Recycling Scheme launched.”

    This new scheme launched with the aim of helping to empty void properties and remove leftover furniture. This is then given to new residents or existing residents who find themselves in a crisis situation. He now has responsibility for driving a van to help move furniture to properties where it is needed. He has also been helping to mentor others and provide some guidance.

    When asked why he liked it, instantly Paul replied “Because I’m proud to be helping, proud to make a difference. I’m happy to see others smiling and happy. It is great to see, especially when you see a young family. I know that I’m just doing my little bit to help and I’m very proud to be part of it.”

  • Kenny

    After finding himself out of work for over two years, Kenny was looking for a route to help him get back into employment.

    He attended Stockport Homes' Employment Drop-In at First House, Brinnington to gain support and help with his job search.

    He heard about Motiv8; a Big Lottery funded project that helps people back into work. Stockport Homes are proud to be part of alongside other housing partners across Greater Manchester.

    After receiving support include CV advice and interview practice, Kenny secured a job at the local Tesco.

    Kenny said "the support I have received from Motiv8 has turned my life around. The programme has restored my confidence which has resulted in me finding employment."



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