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Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted 07 August 2020   |   By Verity Calderbank

The safety and well-being of our customers and colleagues is always our number one priority – we are following government guidance for everyone to stay at home and stay safe. We are working hard to deliver essential services and support, please see information below;

You can also message us via our Facebook page, which is monitored 7 days a week.
  • Customer Safety

    In order to ensure the continued safety of your home, Government and regulatory body advice for Landlords is that mandatory gas safety checks and electrical tests should continue to be undertaken. A number of measure have been put in place to ensure these checks can be completed whilst protecting you, your family and our contractors. Further information is available here –

    If you have any concerns about allowing access to your property for these essential checks please contact the Stockport Homes Customer Safety Team on 0161 218 1944 to discuss.

    If you have an appointment for a gas safety check or electrical test and you are currently in self isolation with symptoms of Covid-19 or a confirmed diagnoses please contact us immediately on 0161 218 1944. We will rearrange the appointment for 14 days after you have commenced self isolation.

  • Furniture recycling and furnished tenancies

    Recycled furniture

    The furniture recycling project is a referral only project, so customers can’t access it directly. The service is suspended at the moment due to the risk to staff and customers from contact in homes. We will be trying to deal with emergency cases where we can. Other options for low cost furniture include freecycle, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or getting a loan from Stockport Credit Union.

    If you would like to donate items, we will be operating a very limited collection service over coming weeks. We will prioritise collection of white goods (fridges, freezers, ovens and washing machines) in good working order. Please email our inbox at with your details and a photograph. There may be a delay in getting back to you.

    Furnished Tenancies

    Furnished tenancies are mainly offered to new tenants in need, subject to availability. At the moment, we are limiting new furnished tenancies and will only consider them for households in the most need. If you are working or likely to get into work soon, a furnished tenancy may not be affordable for you. Other options for low cost furniture include Freecycle, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or getting a loan from Stockport Credit Union.


  • Your Local Pantry

    Your Local Pantry

    All of our Your Local Pantries in Stockport are now open!

    We look forward to welcoming all of our pantry customers for their weekly shop and kindly request that everyone follows these guidelines when visiting the pantry:

    • If you are unwell, displaying symptoms of Covid-19 or live with someone who is, please do not come to the pantry
    • You must wear a mask or appropriate face covering when visiting the pantry, unless you are medically exempt.
    • We have limited the number of people inside the pantry at any time. Please use the social distancing floor markers outside the pantry and follow the guidance from our volunteers.
    • Hand sanitising stations will be sited at the pantry entrance. Please use these before coming in.
    • We can take contactless card payments. If you can pay by card, please do. If you are paying in cash please bring the correct amount of £3.50. Unfortunately, we cannot provide change at the moment.
    • If you pay by standing order and no longer wish to come to the pantry please cancel the payment with your bank.

    As ever good hygiene practices are being followed and our staff and volunteers will be washing / sanitising their hands regularly. We will also be sanitising surfaces, handles and cleaning high traffic areas more regularly than usual.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time whilst we all get used to new ways of working. We will keep our procedures under review and in line with current Government guidelines.

    Please follow our pantry Facebook pages for the most up to date information.

    Our Pantry opening times are currently:

    Penny Lane Pantry – Tuesday afternoons 3.30-5pm / Wednesday mornings 10-11.30am
    Woodley Pantry – Tuesday afternoons 3.30 – 4.30pm / Wednesday mornings 11am–12noon
    Brinnington Pantry – Thursday afternoons 3.30-4.30pm / Friday mornings 10-11am
    Pantry at Number 5 – Thursday afternoons 3.30-4.30pm / Friday mornings 10-11am
    Mottram Street Pantry – Thursday afternoons 3.30-5pm / Friday mornings 10-11.30am

    We look forward to welcoming you soon!

    Got a query? Email us at or ring us on 0161 218 1091

    Want to join the Pantry or volunteer with us? Visit our website at for more info.

  • Older peoples services

    Your Neighbourhood Housing Officer and Independent Living Coordinators are available on their usual numbers. All non-essential face to face visits have been suspended at this time, visits are currently being conducted over the telephone.

    If you have any concerns, queries or you would like assistance in relation to shopping etc. please do not hesitate to contact either your Independent Living Coordinator, Neighbourhood Housing Officer or Independent Living Team number on 0161 218 1465.

    All activities have been suspended/cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    In response to the COVID19 pandemic, Greater Manchester Combined Authority has put together a new page featuring support and advice for older residents.

  • Sheltered schemes

    Your Independent Living Coordinator is on site, you will continue to see them around the scheme. They are contactable via their usual numbers.

    If you have any queries, concerns or need assistance please do not hesitate to contact your Independent Living Coordinator or Independent Living Team on 0161 218 1465.

    Scheme lounges remain closed in line with guidance provided. We would ask that you continue to refrain from using the lounges at this time. We thank you for your cooperation.

    All activities that can not be conducted under the current restrictions have been suspended.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Local walking groups and bacon butty deliveries will continue in current areas and we are now looking to expand this further.  If you would like further information please call us on 0161 218 1465. 

  • Rents and Money Advice

    We know this is a time of huge uncertainty for many of you in so many ways and you will no doubt be worried about being able to manage to pay your rent and bills during this time.

    The government has made some announcements that they will protect renters, but this does not specifically allow a ‘rent holiday’. Rent will continue to be charged and you will still be liable for paying this as a tenant, but we will be working even more closely with you now to fully understand your individual circumstances, provide specialist advice and support to maximise your income during this time, and if you do fall into arrears because of the situation you find yourself in we will work with you to put in place realistic and affordable future payment arrangements.

    We urge you to contact the Customer Finance Team as soon as possible if you experience or expect to experience difficulties in meeting your rent payments or other financial commitments. The government have put measures in place to protect jobs and income so we will explore all of this with you and ensure you are not missing out. You can contact by phone by ringing 0161 217 6016, option 3 Monday to Friday 8.30am until 5pm or email your query to

    We are committed to being fully supportive of all of our customers during this difficult time and if you find yourself in debt because of Coronavirus we will do everything we can to help you. It’s really important you do not bury your head at this time and we have a specialist Money Advice team that are ready to help. You can contact the Money Advice team on 01612176016 option 3, then option 4 or email  and we really urge you to talk to us so that we are aware of your individual situation and can discuss your options.  

  • Energy Advice service

    During lockdown you may well have spent more on your household energy as you have simply spent more time in the home. As a result more of us may well be experiencing issues with fuel debt or you may well of struggled to stay on supply. Now is the best time to resolve your energy issues before winter comes. The Energy Advice Team can assist you with fuel debt, ensure you are on the cheapest tariff and support you step by step to switch suppliers. We also provide free energy efficiency advice for you to save energy and money around the house.

    We are now conducting home visits again as well as offering our service via email, video call and text message.  Get in touch with us via email or call 0161 474 4062

     Have you applied for the Warm Home Discount this year? Don’t miss out – you could be eligible for a £140 off your electric bill this winter!  See more here


    Customers with Prepayment meters Covid-19 Advice

    Further COVID -19 Energy Provider Support and Contact Details  

  • ASB

    The ASB Service is operating fully and is here to support anyone experiencing ASB during these difficult times. ASB staff are all available by phone as normal. You can continue to report ASB online using the reporting form, or by phone. 

    ASB cases will continue to be opened and investigated and appropriate action taken although customer contact will be (in the main) by phone and email.

    In order to reduce the footfall to Cornerstone please only attend the office to report ASB if you are suffering from what SHG’s ASB policy classes as “urgent” ASB which includes:

    • being a victim of threats of or use of actual violence,
    • Incidents of domestic abuse and hate crime.

    All other types of ASB which do not fall in that category should be reported to SHG by phone/email or using the online form

    Anyone reporting “urgent” ASB as described above can expect to have a response form a member of the team within 24 hours. All other types of ASB reports will be responded to within three working days.

    In order to keep the service running as smoothly as possible, please do not contact the service again before the above timescales for responding have occurred, unless there is an escalation of the behaviour you’re experiencing.

    Remember that if anyone is in immediate danger you should always call the police first on 999.

  • Repair 1st

    As Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease Repair 1st are delivering repairs across the Borough, In line with Government advice, and following guidance from Public Health England for safety.

    From Monday 1st June you will be able to report non-emergency repairs online through myonline.

    If you haven’t already signed-up to myonline, you can find how to do this on the myonline page of our website.

    If you have a repair to report you can report these by using myonline or by calling 0161 217 6016. Please note emergency repairs must be reported by phone.

    Our teams are currently working through repairs that were placed on hold at the start of the Covid-19 work restrictions and will be in touch with you to rearrange appointments, please bear with us.

    For all new repairs being reported, at present these will be booked on longer attendance timescales, this will enable us to cope with the present high demand for daily emergencies and to manage our workforce more effectively during these unusual times.

    Please ensure we have your current telephone number to ensure we can contact you to arrange an appointment to complete your repairs, you can update your contact details using myonline or by calling the one number team on 0161 217 6016.

    If we attend your property to undertake a repair, please provide our team with clear access and remain outside of their safe working space. Where possible, please remain in a separate room while the repair takes place, providing our team with at least two metres clear space to minimise human contact. All our engineers and contractors have the necessary personal protective equipment required to ensure a safe working environment is maintained.

    You must inform us if you are self-isolating or you have Coronavirus symptoms by completing the form below or telling our team on the telephone.

  • Cornerstone Reception

    From Monday 13th July, we will be able to offer a limited amount of pre-arranged appointments for customers. Our main reception remains closed at this time to allow us to safely manage the number of people in reception to allow for social distancing, and to ensure the safety of our colleagues and visitors. If you have a pre-arranged appointment, we would like to reassure you and share with you the safety measures we have put in place - please watch this short video for information and guidance. 


  • Wellbeing

    Mental Health is an issue that is extremely close to our hearts here at Stockport Homes. With 1 in 4 people being affected by mental illness each year, and a significant number of our customers dealing with poor mental health, it is a reality that everyone has had experience with, whether at home, work or within the community.

    We can offer our customers and local residents support and advice, along with signposting to appropriate services. 
    Please see which services are available, and visit individual websites to see how services are currently being delivered here 

  • Carecall

    We want to re-assure all of our customers that Carecall is here to help 24/7.

    In regards to Covid-19, we have robust business continuity plans in place and we don’t anticipate any significant problems.

    However, the safety of you, our staff and other customers is paramount and for anyone displaying symptoms – the response we send will be a medical response.

    We will post regular updates via Facebook about how we continue to serve our community in the best way possible.

  • Safeguarding

    Safeguarding is about:

    • protecting children and adults at risk from harm, abuse and neglect
    • preventing damage to health and development
    • ensuring children are growing up safely, have the best life chances and enter adulthood successfully


    Children and adults at risk can be abused in a family, institution or community setting. Abuse can include:

    • physical abuse
    • emotional abuse
    • sexual abuse
    • domestic abuse
    • neglect - persistent failure to meet basic physical and / or psychological needs
    • financial or material abuse
    • discriminatory abuse
    • institutional abuse
    • domestic Abuse


    Stockport Homes is committed to helping you live a life without fear. We can give advice and support options on staying safe, housing options, money matters, mental health and recovery. We can advise and refer you onto specialist services.

    Safeguarding issues can become more prevalent in times of stress and difficulty so if you do have concerns about a child or vulnerable adult, please contact:

    • In an emergency situation please call 999
    • Stockport Council's Children's Social Care on 0161 217 6028
    • Stockport Council's Adult Social Care on 0161 217 6029
    • Stockport Council's out of hours service on 0161 718 2118
    • Stockport Police on 0161 872 5050
    • NSPCC Child Protection helpline on 0808 800 5000

    If you are immediately worried about your safety it is advised that you call the Police on 999.


    For non-emergency help you can use the following helplines. The helplines are open to people experiencing domestic abuse, their friends and family or professionals.


    Greater Manchester Domestic Abuse Helpline

    0161 636 7525 (open Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm excluding bank holidays)


    National Domestic Violence Helpline (women only)

    0808 200 0247 (24hour)


    National Centre for Domestic Violence

    0800 970 2070


    GALOP National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse

    0800 999 5428


    Stockport Council - Coronavirus Helpline for vulnerable people

    0161 217 6046

  • Caretaking services

    Schedules continue to be delivered across all multi storey and low rise accommodation. The team continue to focus on high touch areas including door entries, lifts , hand rails, lift panels, doors and push plates. If you have require any further information regarding caretaking services at a location please contact us on 0161 217 6016.

  • Community Centres

    All Community Centres are open. you can book rooms out for a variety of events, including meetings, training sessions, exercise classes and mother and baby groups to name but a few! To find out more about the community centres we manage and enquire about availability, please head to our Community Centres website or email:

    Tel: 0161 474 2222


  • Prepayment Meters

    Customers with pre-payment meters who may not be able to add credit can speak to their supplier about options to keep them supplied. This could include nominating a third party for credit top ups, having a discretionary fund added to their credit, or being sent a pre-loaded top up card so that their supply is not interrupted.


    See below advice from suppliers for those who are on prepayment meters:


    • If you have a smart meter you can top up without leaving your home:
    • Online or via an app, all companies whom install smart top up meters will allow you to top up online or via an app, once you have registered your account.
    • Telephone, all suppliers will have a 24/7 automated payment line or text facility to top up


    • Traditional key and card prepayment meters:
    • Over the next few months try to top up more on your meter where possible in case you need to self-isolate
    • If possible ask friends, family or a neighbour to top up for you
    • Call supplier for further help if you are still struggling to top up and stay on supply.



    Customers that are on the pre-pay Heat and Hot Water meters:

    Beaver House, Brecon Towers, Brook House, Conway Towers, Dunton Towers, Heaton Towers, Hempshaw House, Hollow End Towers, Lenham Towers, Ludlow Towers, Norris Towers, Romney Towers, Voewood Towers


    There are alternative methods of payment that you can set up to keep credit on your heat and hot water meter:

    • Over the phone – 24 Hour automated payment line, call 01623 541 401. You will require your heat meter top up card number and your bank details to complete a top up


    • Standing order – you can set up an automatic payment that will go straight from your bank account to the heat meter. Please call the Energy Advice Team on 0161 474 4062 to request the details required to set it up with your bank


    • Online payments – Register an account at, again you will require your heat meter top up card number. Once registered you will be able to top up online using your bankcard.



    If you have further issues or you are concerned about topping up your prepayment energy meters please contact the Energy Advice Team for over the phone advice on 0161 474 4062 or email


  • Social Distancing

    You will have seen that the Government have given advice and instructions on social distancing – this means you should be staying as far away from others as you can, and 2 metres as a minimum.
    This is especially important if you are over 70, have underlying health issues or you are pregnant.

    Every member of the community has a responsibility within this, and the police also have the power to break up groups during the Coronavirus outbreak.

    Please pay special attention to this, and be more aware in communal areas, outside block entrances and use the lifts responsibly.

    More information can be found here -

  • Translated advice

    The Government have released translated guidance for self-isolation and social distancing into the following languages: Arabic, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Polish and Welsh. The links are here:

    You can find translations in more languages, including Slovak, Greek, Czech here:

  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic Abuse Support Available to Local People

    The Council is continuing to support those people who are experiencing domestic abuse during this period.

    We understand that whilst families are staying at home to reduce the spread of Covid-19, many may be concerned about quarantine measures due to domestic abuse.

    We're committed to supporting victims of abuse especially at this time of increased risk. Our services and the Greater Manchester Police are continuing to operate to support victims through maintaining essential services and continuing to respond to domestic abuse.

    Contact Numbers

    Children: Speak to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding and Support Hub (MASSH) for immediate support and signposting to relevant services. Call:

    • Monday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 5pm: 0161 217 6028
    • Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm: 0161 217 6028
    • Evening, overnight and weekends: 0161 718 2118

    Adults: If you have a safeguarding concern in relation to a vulnerable adult call our Adult Social Care team:

    • Monday to Thursday from 8:30am to 5pm: 0161 217 6029
    • Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm: 0161 217 6029
    • Evening, overnight and weekends: 0161 718 2118

    You can also email:

    If you, a child, or anyone in your family are at immediate risk of harm, call the police urgently on 999.

    For more information, visit Support for Victims of Domestic Abuse

If you are a customer who is self-isolating, or infected, you can tell us online by completing the form below or telling us when you ring to access services. 

Good Hygiene is the best preventative measure. The most recent advice from the government is that you should stay at home for 7 days if you have either a high temperature (37.8) or a new continuous cough. This will help to protect others in your community while you are infectious.

There are things we can all do to help stop germs spreading:

  • Always carry tissues, use them to catch coughs or sneezes then bin them and wash our hands or use a sanitiser gel.
  • Wash our hands often with soap and water or use sanitiser gel, especially after using public transport.
  • Avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are unwell.

Up-to-date information about the virus from NHS and Department of Health’s websites

To get Coronavirus advice, please visit NHS 111 Coronavirus service

Typical symptoms include fever and a cough that may progress to breathing difficulties.  The current evidence is that most cases appear to be mild and that more severe symptoms generally only occur in people with weakened immune systems, older people, and those with long term conditions like diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease. 

Contact form - COVID 19

Please continue to update us on any health developments.

We are collecting this information to help protect our customers and staff and do so with your explicit consent

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