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From a Kickstarter to an Apprentice in just three months

Posted 14 July 2021   |   By Teina Ryynanen

In the beginning of April, we welcomed five Kickstarters to join the team. After just 3 months into the 6-month placement, we have great news as one of the Kickstarters, Rachel Bullock, has now joined the Environmental Services Team as an Apprentice.

My Manager Rick told that there was an apprenticeship opportunity coming up and that I should go for it. I really enjoyed my Kickstart time in the team, so it made sense to apply, and I also get a qualification in the end. I also have more independence with work, get to do more things and learn from the experienced team. When I started, I was very shy, but I am now much more confident and enjoy interacting with the tenants in my block.

Rachel’s achievement is also incredible as she’s only 18 years old, making her the youngest employee in the whole of the organisation. Even she’s still a teenager, she has already lots of life experience and a high work ethic.

When I was younger, I was a young carer to my younger brothers. My dad also has a landscaping business, so this line of work runs in the family. To earn some pocket money, I used to help dad and sometimes go to work and learn from him.

The whole SHG team, including tenants, backing her up

Jamie Hine works in the employment team, and has been supporting Rachel as her Kickstart Mentor, said:

I am so proud and happy for her. The goal of the Kickstart Scheme is to help young people to start their careers, this shows that the scheme really works. It’s also great to see a young woman starting a role in field that is still quite male dominated. It has also been wonderful to see her gaining confidence, even in this short 3-month period at SHG.

Joanne Cole, The Head of Environmental Services at Stockport Homes, also observed:

Rachel has a positive and professional attitude and takes great pride in her work, I am proud she has secured an apprenticeship with us and look forward to seeing her develop and grow in her new role. 

It hasn’t only been the Stockport Homes’ team that’s been rooting for Rachel, but the tenants in Ratcliffe Towers where she works, have also been cheering her on in her employment journey.

It has surprised how much I have enjoyed the communication side of my role as my social anxiety used to be really bad. A couple of tenants who talk to me daily when I’m doing my cleaning rounds, are so happy for me getting the role. They were rooting for me when I applied, and I am getting compliments of how clean the block is. My family and boyfriend have noticed the difference in confidence as well.
I am really looking forward to the future and excited about continuing my employment journey!”

Rachel on the left and Jamie, Rachel's Kickstart Mentor, on the right

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