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British Gas top ups to change from 1st January 2020

Posted 23 December 2019

*This does not affect any of the heat and hot water meter top ups at:

  • Beaver House
  • Brecon Towers
  • Brook House
  • Conway Towers
  • Dunton Towers
  • Heaton Towers
  • Hempshaw House
  • Hollow End Towers
  • Lenham Towers
  • Ludlow Towers
  • Norris Towers
  • Romney Towers
  • Voewood House

The way British Gas customers with prepayment meters top up is changing from 1 January, as they'll no longer be able to use PayPoint at their usual newsagent or supermarket.
From 1 January 2020, British Gas customers will have to top up at either one of Payzone's 13,000 locations or the same post offices as now.

If you're on prepayment, you've a number of options from 1 January:

  1. Top up via Post Office and Payzone. British Gas customers will be able to top up at 11,500 local post office branches and 13,000 Payzone locations. This may mean longer journeys for some, as you likely won't be able to top up in the same shop you do now.

Look out for the Payzone symbol at the shops 

      2. Top up online – if you can get smart prepayment meters installed. If you don't already have them, see if you're eligible to get Smart Pay As You Go meters with British Gas. These let you top up online, via a mobile app or over the phone.

Please contact the Energy Advice team if you have any queries 0161 474 4062,

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Page last reviewed 23/12/2019