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Blooming Marvellous: Winners of Stockport Homes Gardening Competition 2021 announced

Posted 21 October 2021

Gardening allows us to connect with the natural world from the comfort of our own homes; an opportunity to brighten our spaces and add a splash of personality along the way.

Stockport Homes’ annual Gardening Competition celebrates the passion and commitment residents have for their gardens, showcasing what is possible when we utilize the space we have available. With over 20 excellent submissions for 2021, it was no easy task for the judges to narrow down the very best.

Best In Borough

This year the ‘Best in Borough’ prize goes to Shirley Moxham, who’s generous seating area is encompassed by an array of colourful planting.  

Shirley Moxham Garden
Bosley 2
I love gardening as it takes my mind off any worries or stress, I like to sit in the sun afterwards and admire all my hard work! I am delighted to win the Best in Borough and Best garden award this year, with the prize money I intend to buy myself a really good Leaf blower.

Best Communal

Jean Simpson, winner of ‘Best Communal’ garden demonstrates the positive impact gardening can have on our physical, mental and social wellbeing by involving the wider community in her project.

Edgeley 2

Respective winners included Brenda Coulthard for ‘Best Container’ and Linda Stead for ‘Best Fruit and Veg’.

As hints of normality slowly resume in our day to day lives, it’s clear that the Covid-19 pandemic brought us closer to nature than ever before, with the benefits of gardening going much further than well preserved greenspaces and charming flower beds.

The winners and runners-up of each category were:

Best in borough
Winner – Shirley Moxham

Best garden
1st – Shirley Moxham
2nd – Brenda Coulthard
Joint 3rd – Mandy Stewart, Beverley Armstrong

Best container 
Joint 1st – Mandy Stewart, Brenda Coulthard
2nd – Beverley Armstrong 
3rd – Elaine Bernard

Best communal garden 
1st – Jean Simpson
2nd – Linda Shaw 
3rd – Roy Porter

Best fruit and veg 
1st – Linda Stead
2nd – Mr & Mrs Darrell

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Page last reviewed 21/10/2021