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Stockport Homes repossesses family house following successful fraud investigation

Posted 18 October 2018

A successful fraud investigation has led to the Courts granting Stockport Homes possession of a two bed family house in a popular area of Stockport.

In 2016, Stockport Homes received a housing application from a man claiming he and his young child had been made homeless following a relationship breakdown. As parents with young children are a priority the man was offered a place in temporary accommodation and was soon offered a suitable flat. However, the man rejected any flats offered, waiting until a house in a popular area became available.

Rigorous processes are in place to ensure that only eligible applicants are allocated homes. Various discrepancies identified by Stockport Homes along with a report from a member of the public resulted in the launch of a full investigation. Soon after the investigation started, and showing a remarkable turnaround in fortune, the man enquired about buying the house under the Government’s Right to Buy Scheme. Under the Right to Buy Council tenants can get up to 70% off the market value of a house. Generous discounts mean the scheme is often targeted for various types of fraud. Tenants become eligible for the scheme after just three years.

During the course of the investigation Stockport Homes identified that, contrary to information provided on application, the child did not in fact reside with the man, but lived with his mother and siblings elsewhere. Also, the man had hidden the fact that he owed substantial arrears to a previous social landlord.

The county court granted repossession of the property after being presented with evidence from Stockport Homes’ Housing Fraud Team.

The home has now been re-let to a family who had been on the housing list since 2010.

 “We are thrilled to get the property back so a family in need can now enjoy their new home.”
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