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Director of Resources shortlisted as Exemplary in National Award  

Posted 04 September 2017   |   By Verity Calderbank

Carmel Chambers, Director of Resources at Stockport Homes Group has been shortlisted for the ‘Exemplary Housing Professional of the year’ award at the Women in Housing Awards. The winners will be announced at a ceremony at the Hilton Manchester Deansgate on 2 November.

This award recognises an individual, with a professional qualification in their field, who demonstrates an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the sector and whose input has a positive impact for a company. Their commitment must be backed by clear personal & professional integrity & a desire to improve women’s lives.

Carmel said; “I’m honoured to be shortlisted and contributing to making the housing sector a progressive, forward thinking sector that gets the best deal for our customers but also one that creates opportunities for those who want to strive, thrive and give their best in the working environment. It’s great to represent such an important sector in our society and make it inclusive and fair for all.”

Robin Burman, Chair of Stockport Homes' Board said, “We are proud of Carmel’s continued commitment to housing, to delivering excellent services to our customers and for being a positive and inspiring role model for our staff.”


Hi Benni, I would advise that you discuss your housing situation with our Homechoice team who can be contacted on 0161 217 6016 or email


I am on ESA due to mental and physical, long term health issues. I am unable to ever work. They award points for people who work, volunteer, or are in training. I cannot do any of those, so people who ARE able bodied get more points that I do.
I do get medical points but I still have nowhere near enough total points to ever get rehoused; I have been bidding for two years and at least thirty people are in front of me every week. I am probably never going to get rehoused. It is not as if Im being overly fussy about properties; I cannot go for stairs for example.

I even had a wonderful doctors letter saying that my current home is no longer suitable and also making me more ill, and I only got a measly 10 points. It is unfair that people who CANNOT work or volunteer get less points than those who CAN. I am a clean, quiet and decent middle aged woman, non smoker, no pets or children. I had landlords sing my praises in the past yet this counts for nothing. I also have the most excellent references, yet I am stuck with terrible neighbours and two flights of stairs that I can no longer manage; with no chance of ever getting out. I cannot afford private either as the shortfall in rent is out of my reach.

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