The Stockport Homes 2021/2022 annual report is led by our customers.

Their input has helped to shape the video's look, feel and content - making sure the services that matter most are at the forefront of the report. In light of this, the video is broken down into six chapters to help you find information easily and accessibly.

Chapter 1: Welcome - Intro from Helen McHale, Chief Executive, and Jenny Osbourne, Chair of the board 
Chapter 2: My Money - How we spend and utilise money, and support customers with finances 
Chapter 3: My Home  - Building safety, repairs and developments across the borough 
Chapter 4: My My Piece of Mind - Supporting tenants as a responsible landlord 
Chapter 5: My Journey - How customers have influenced Stockport Homes services 
Chapter 6: My Voice Makes a Difference - Get involved over the coming year

The theme for the report is the rising cost of living and how we are supporting customers through this difficult and uncertain time. If you would like further information on the support available, or to provide feedback on our services to help them continue to improve, please get in touch with our team below. 

A digital brochure is also available to download below, should you prefer it. Physical copies of this are available by contacting our marketing team. If you would prefer to watch the Annual Report Video without background music, click here

Annual Report 2021-22

Find out more by watching our 21/22 Annual Report.

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Money Advice

Over the past year our dedicated Money Advice team supported has 2,133 customers to obtain additional income totalling over £7.5m

Universal Credit

The Money Advice Team supported 980 Universal Credit claimants with new claims. 

Accounts in arrears

Accounts in rent arrears: 3,215

There were 44 fewer accounts in arrears at the end of 2021/22 despite the number of Universal Credit claimants increasing by 649 over the year. 


Stockport Homes' dedicated energy advisors have been on hand to help customers saved money and reduce their bills over the past year:

Amount of money saved through energy advice: £196,573.24

Home visits & consultations completed: 1,031

Money saved through switches, refunds or compensation: £16,215.18

Where each pound comes from that is spent on services

90p Rents

8p Service charges and other income

2p incomes from collecting water on behalf of United Utilities

How each £1 is spent on services

62p day-to-day management and maintenance of properties

20p Major repairs

13p Interest and Principal Debt Repayments

2p Money kept for future investment

2p Water rates paid to United Utilities and commission earned for collecting them

Building new homes across Stockport

Our Viaduct team are dedicated to providing affordable homes across Stockport:

  • Number of new homes completed: 68
    Number of new homes for rent 54
    Number of new homes for sale: 14
    Number of new homes started: 57

Repairs remain one of the most important services we deliver to you, which is why we strive for excellence every day:

Number of repairs completed: 43,054
Repairs completed on first visit: 96.67%
Satisfaction with the outcome of repairs: 97.62%
Homes Kept Safe: 100%

Home Safety

100% of electrical checks completed
100% of asbestos surveys completed


Ensuring your neighbourhood is safe and tidy is essential to living happily in your home. Here's how we performed over the past year:

99.06% neighbourhoods maintained to good or excellent standard.

Satisfaction with SHG as a Landlord - 98.36%

tenant satisfaction with area caretaking service

91.29% tenant satisfaction with block caretaking service

Anti-Social Behaviour

Last year we helped over 2,300 customers who were experiences anti social behaviour. 

97.01% of Anti-social behaviour complainants were satisfied with the outcome of their case. 


Our Carecall service remains an essential service for those living indecently, giving you piece of mind that support is always there. Last year, Carecall:

Took on 1,054 New clients

Received 188,935 calls 


Last year our identified 787 people presented as being homeless.  

We successfully supported 547 people into accommodation. 

2,000 people at risk of homelessness accessed support and information via housing options. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Last year, Stockport Homes provided access to 1,254 free counselling sessions for customers.

Customer Feedback

Number of complaints received:
288 closed, 303 received

Number of compliments received: 204

Number of complaints resolved within 10 days: 279

Customer satisfaction with handling complaints: 73%

Marketing & Communication

Twitter Impressions: 456,900
Twitter Link Clicks: 786
Twitter Replies: 754

Facebook page reach: 134,292
Instagram reach: 11,065

Twitter following grew from 7,935 to 8,162
Facebook following grew from 6,067 to 6,592
Instagram following grew from 1,347 to 1,476

Customer Training

Almost 1,000 customers joined us for training, including digital and employment support. 

Since April 2022, we have welcomed a further 203. 

No Music: Stockport Homes Annual Report 21/22

Chapter One: Welcome

Chapter Two: My Money

Chapter Three: My Home

Chapter Four: My Piece of Mind

Chapter Five: My Journey

Chapter Six: My Voice Makes a Difference